September 7, 2011


CALLED TO ORDER BY PRESIDENT Bill McLaughlin at 7:03 p.m.


ATTENDANCE:  Bill McLaughlin, Dale Mjelde, Mike Rucker, Frank Wisdom, Barb Farley, and Cheryl Havener       

Absent:  Jan Lewis, Brian Applebury, and Bob Steiner      Guests: Jack Ottini and Kim Sharrah


Kim Sharrah, Security site supervisor, shared information concerning skate board issues.

Discussion was held, Dale Mjelde will contact our attorney concerning the writing of a policy.

The next newsletter should include the “Main Gate Entry Procedures”.  Information concerning the two break-ins was shared, copy of incident report in file.

Jack Ottini gave an update on the creek water project on hole #12.  M/S/P for a letter to be written and sent to the City of Kent giving the approval for work needed to prevent flooding of homes adjacent to the creek.  Discussion was held concerning the need for new homeowners as well as new tenants to be made aware of our policies.  Jack Ottini along with Mike Rucker will write a form to be signed when they receive the remotes from Security.  DEMCO will review the policy before the policy is put into effect.


PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES:  Approved as written



  • 2011 Assessment Collection:  One of the bank-owned properties which has been in arrears for two years is now paid in full.  
  • Budget:  Provided copies of the budget vs. actuals through August 31st.  Overall expenses for the past month have been tracking to the budget.  At the end of August, we had $6,957.44 in checking and $110,313.08 in savings with an additional $5,250 to be paid by MVCC for the final three months of the fiscal year.  If expenses continue as planned, we will have over $12,000 cash on hand at the end of the fiscal year, November 30th.
  • Reserve Fund:  On August 26th the reserve fund had a value of $283,326.21.  This is higher than the value at the end of November but down from a high of 306,629 at the end of April.  The reserve fund plan for the end of FY 2011 is $298,450 which includes a planned contribution of $10,000 from this year’s funds. 
  • Financial Review:  Will schedule a review of MVMA financial records and plans in mid-October.
  • Office Computer:  As planned in this year’s budget, a new computer has been purchased and installed in the office.  In addition to providing a much needed improvement in performance, this PC provides improved capability to back-up association data.  In addition, we have upgraded our accounting software to the vendor’s current version as they no longer support our previous version.  The Norton anti-virus expires in 28 days; the Windows 7 has its own virus program.
  • Email Address:  In August, MVCC changed their internet service provider.  As a result, we have a new email address which is:



FACILITIES:  Jan Lewis – absent – written report read

  • The repair of the main gate will be coordinated thru Kim and the contractor (based on club activity and the boom truck availability).
  • The street repair work at Lot #355 is on hold, waiting on price quotes. 
  • Need to do an updated drive around with Mike Rucker.  Have had complaints about      Lot # 354 and other areas that need attention.
  • Lot #253 has a poodle that is a continual problem.  Neighbors have spoken to the owner; a letter needs to be sent.
  • Discussion was held concerning improving the security fences around the north and south gates to stop trespassers from going over the fence.  We will get another bid and revisit the issue.
  • Discussion was held concerning cracks in the roads, bids will be needed before the October meeting so that the work can be done before the rainy weather begins.


SECURITY:  Dale Mjelde

  • The new guard radios are working well.  The old radios will be kept as back up.
  • If guards are having issues with any resident, adult or child, the Security Chair should be notified immediately.  The Board should then be made aware of the problem.



  • Trent plans to paint the speed bumps on September 17th and 18th if the safety cones are available. 
  • The vegetation around the black boxes at the north and south gate will be trimmed back.



  • So far this month seven letters have been sent.  Property maintenance letters will be sent after a community drive thru.



  • Mike Rucker was thanked for all of his efforts in retrieving past due money, noting Lot #171’s payment.
  • A request was made for non-resident golf members to be allowed to purchase remotes.  Discussion was held, our policy will not change.
  • Lot #317 has had laundry hanging out in the front yard.  Lot #298 is still in need of maintenance.  Architecture will handle.
  • Checked on Lot #59’s complaint concerning A/C noise. Doesn’t seem to be as loud as suggested.
  • Proposed Committee Budgets should be to the Treasurer the first part of October.
  • We must still be working on possible candidates for next year’s Board.




Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener