October 12, 2011


CALLED TO ORDER BY PRESIDENT Bill McLaughlin at 7:04 p.m.


ATTENDANCE:  Bill McLaughlin, Jan Lewis, Dale Mjelde, Mike Rucker, Frank Wisdom, Barb Farley, and Cheryl Havener      

Absent:  Brian Applebury, Bob Steiner                       Guest: Jack Ottini


Jack Ottini gave an update on the Creek Renovation Project.  The City of Kent will install a cement wall in front of the Daley property.  A letter will be sent from MVMA and the MVCC concerning their approval of the project.


PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES:  Approved as written



·       2011 Assessment Collection: Another bank-owned property is now paid in full leaving two which are in arrears.  Collection efforts are continuing on those.  

·       Budget:  Provided copies of the budget vs. actuals through October 11th.  Overall expenses for the past month have been tracking to the budget.  As of that date, we had $7,932.55 in checking and $89,775.22 in savings with an additional $5,250 to be paid by MVCC for the final three months of the fiscal year.  Guard pay has been tracking to budget throughout the year which means that hours worked have been as projected as well as the distribution of grade levels versus hours worked.  Both of these factors are important for staying within budget on the single largest yearly expense for MVMA.

·       2011 Draft Budget:  Handed out for discussion, the draft budget for 2012.  This version is based on expenses for the past few years, conversations with our vendors and inputs from Board members.  Several comments from the discussion were incorporated and updates for a couple of items will be worked prior to the next Board meeting.  

·       2011 Draft Long Range Plan:  Handed out for discussion, the draft Long Range Plan for 2012.  This version proposes several revisions to the previous plan.  Because of differences in traffic on different parts of the roads, road resurfacing would occur in two phases; the perimeter road in 2035 and the spur and loop roads 15 years later.  Gates and gate control systems would be deleted from the plan.  Performance of the current systems is satisfactory and there are no major changes or upgrades planned.  The security vehicle replacement interval would be changed from seven to nine years since the previous vehicle lasted ten.   The fund contribution from the annual budget would be changed to a fixed percent of the budget rather than increasing yearly by a fixed percent.  In addition, we will include an estimate of the impact of our income tax liability on withdrawals from the fund.  These proposed revisions to the plan will also be reviewed with Finance and Investment committee members prior to the next Board meeting.




  • Repair/replace curb material/tree roots at Lot #355 has been approved, the homeowner will share in the expense of the repairs.  M/S/P to accept the bid from Pro Vac (formerly known as Western States Environmental) for the repair.
  • The North and South gates need chain link repair and reinforcement.  Board approved reinforcement as needed.
  • Main Gate Repair Status – boom truck required for repair of visitor gate, repair awaiting availability of boom truck.  An additional $500 (boom truck needed) to repair/improve functionality of outbound gate.
  • Main Gate Over-ride switch on the computer at the Guardhouse will be re-activated. 
  • Lighting – periodic purchase of replacement light bulbs for island and guardhouse.
  • Quotes have been solicited for updating and repairing the guardhouse.  Items needed for purchase: weather stripping, replacement window coverings, flooring material, and labor.  Quotes will be submitted at the next Board meeting.


SECURITY:  Dale Mjelde

  • Our attorney has given us input concerning our concerns over skate boarding within our community.  A copy of his report was distributed, a copy in file.  Dale will prepare a policy for the next Board meeting for approval.  Signs will then be made concerning the policy.
  • The current tow truck signs need to be replaced, the company will be notified.  



  • Trent is in the process of painting the speed bumps this month.
  • We've requested funding in next year's budget, so that Trent may trim the Photinias along the back side of the course. I'll be asking Trent to pay special attention to the removal of leaves in the common areas.
  • Al’s Sprinkler Company will winterize the sprinkler system.  Trent will make repairs as needed.  The water is currently shut off; Tent will set the time for watering in the spring when needed.  It should be set for five minutes three times a week.



  • Eleven approval letters have been sent this month, two additional letters will be sent soon. 
  • Ten yard letter will be going out.  Jan and Mike will do a drive thru on the golf course side of properties.
  • Lot #365 requested permission to put up a white tent in the back yard for three days for a birthday party – permission will be given and the golf course will be notified.
  • Lot #298 is still in need of yard and home maintenance.



  • The Landscape contract needs to be re-signed for 2012.  Barb will contact Trent.
  • A group of realtors will have open houses showing in MVCC from 11:00 – 4:00 on October 22-23.  All access will be thru our main gate.
  • Mr. Pasco would like the MVMA to contribute to the advertising of homes for sale in MVCC.  Discussion was held, the Board agrees that this is not part of their obligations.
  • Still trying to get residents to run for the Board.
  • The next newsletter articles are to be emailed to Cheryl by October 31st.
  • Next Board meeting will be November 3rd at 7:00 pm at Bill’s home.




Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener