MAY 11, 2011


CALLED TO ORDER BY PRESIDENT Bill McLaughlin 7:03 at p.m.


ATTENDANCE:  Bill McLaughlin, Jan Lewis, Dale Mjelde, Mike Rucker, Barb Farley, and Cheryl Havener                 

Absent:  Frank Wisdom, Brian Applebury, and Bob Steiner

Guests:  Jack Ottini, Nancy Richards, and Leon Marshall


Jack Ottini shared with the Board the status of the fence.  Jack and Jim Schack will be meeting with the farm house owner about giving up the road easement.  He also stated that the creek renovation on hole #12 must begin after July 1st and be done by September 15th.  Due to this time frame and not having all the permits – the project may not be done until 2012.


Nancy Richards and Leon Marshall owners of Lot 266 expressed their concerns over the fence issue.  After discussion it was agreed that the seven property owners should form a group to determine what should be done.  When the outcome is determined, the Board will pay for the moving of the fence.


PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES:  Approved as written



·       2011 Assessment Collection:  As of today, 416 properties are paid in full.  Two properties are in escrow, including one which was also unpaid for 2010.  One property is in foreclosure and another three are bank-owned so we may not collect on those until they are resold.  One property has an outstanding balance of $25 and another with a balance of $429.  The remaining two properties remain unresponsive to our invoices and phone calls.  In addition to dues collection for 2011, we have collected $435 in late fees, $821 in finance charges and $300 for yard cleanup costs.   

  • Budget:  Provided copies of the budget vs. actuals through May 10th.  We are on budget with income and remain slightly under budget with expenses.  Insurance, Utilities and Office are on budget and Common Grounds is expected to spend to budget.  Roads, Gates & Fences is under budget but future performance depends on how gate repairs track to expectations.  Legal and Accounting is over budget and will remain so but is largely offset by the budget for income tax which will not be needed this year.  Security is over budget due to larger than planned expenses for computer and software repair. 
  • Gate Maintenance and Repair:  The Long Range Plan for the reserve fund assumes a capital expense of $40,000 every seven years for our gates.  Since 2004, the Association has spent $82,000 on maintenance, repair and upgrades to seven gate mechanical and hydraulic actuator systems against a budget during that period of about $23,000.  For the most part, these have been capital expenses paid out of current income and did not require withdrawals from the reserve fund.  According to our maintenance and repair contractor, current replacement cost for these systems is at least $83,000.  This data will be used in preparing next year’s budget and Long Range Plan update.  We will also investigate the feasibility of periodically replacing complete systems rather than individual pieces and parts as they fail.  The goal would be to reduce overall costs and improve reliability of the gate systems.
  • Reserve Fund:  The current value of our reserve fund is $303,628 which is an increase of $30,772 over the value on November 27th of 2010. The Long Range Plan as presented in December has a target fund value of $294,809 for 2011.




  • There were no reported concerns from residents concerning facilities.
  • The repairs to the storm drain grates are completed.
  • Spoke with the owner of Lot 355 regarding the tree/raised roadway, provided referral to Western States Environmental for quote.
  • The painting of the Guardhouse will be done when weather improves.
  • Made three contacts with Zumar Sign Company in Tacoma for the dog walker notices.  Another company name was given for future use.


SECURITY:  Dale Mjelde

  • Nothing new since the writing of the newsletter.
  • After discussion concerning the radios need by the guards, it was determined that the use of cell phones might be the best and cheapest option.  Dale will talk to Kim concerning this idea and Bill will talk to our bank concerning getting a charge card.  The card is needed to purchase a cell phone plan.


MVCC:  Brian Applebury – no report



  • The overgrown shrubs are being trimmed back now that the danger of a deep freeze has passed.  Products have been applied in the flower beds to keep the seeds down.
  • The photinias near Lot 170 and Lot 3005 should be removed and new plantings done in the first two weeks of June.
  • The shrubs and trees are being fertilized.


WEBSITE:  Robert Steiner – written report read

·       Posted the April meeting minutes to the website.

·       Posted the May Newsletter to the website.

·       Sent out an e-mail with attached flyer to distribution list informing residents of the Safety Fair scheduled for May 12th.

·       Added and updated e-mail addresses of several residents to the e-mail distribution list.


ARCHITECTURAL:  Frank Wisdom – no report



  • Meridian Elementary has requested to hold the Mini-marathon Saturday, June 4th.  M/S/P for the approval of the event.  A letter will be sent.
  • Lot 263 owner would like the Board to take action in getting the fence situation resolved.
  • Lot 190 owner is concerning about the number of families living at Lot 189.  Discussion was held, Bill will call the home owner concerning his renters.
  • Discussion was held concerning possible means of getting dues paid for those lots that have not paid. 
  • Mr. Phil Mattern, MVMA lawyer, will attend the next Board meeting to answer questions.  All thoughts for discussion should be emailed to Bill so that the questions will not organized and not repetitive.




Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener