June 8, 2011


CALLED TO ORDER BY PRESIDENT Bill McLaughlin at 7:00 p.m.


ATTENDANCE:  Bill McLaughlin, Dale Mjelde, Mike Rucker, Frank Wisdom, Barb Farley, Brian Applebury, and Cheryl Havener       

Absent:  Jan Lewis, Bob Steiner,

Guests:  Phil Mattern, Jack Ottini, and Jim Schack


Phil Mattern, our attorney answered many questions from the Board members. 


Jack Ottini and Jim Schack reported on meetings they had dealing with the access road adjacent to the loop road.


PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES:  Approved as written



  • 2011 Assessment Collection:  As of today, 418 properties are paid in full.  One property is in foreclosure and another three are bank-owned.  One property has an outstanding balance of $25 and another balance of $190.  The remaining two properties remain unresponsive to our invoices and phone calls. 
  • Budget:  Provided copies of the budget vs. actuals through June 7th copy in file.  In addition to dues collection for 2011, we have collected $700 in prior year’s dues, $723 in late fees, $2,170 in finance charges and lien fees and $300 for yard cleanup costs.  None of this was planned in this year’s budget.  As a result, income to date is $2,800 ahead of budget which will help offset some of this year’s unplanned expenses.  Currently, we have cash on hand in checking and savings plus monthly dues to be collected from MVCC of $170,750 with budgeted expenses for the remainder of the fiscal year of $144,310.  This amount includes planned capital expenses to replace security radios and the contribution to the reserve fund. 
  • IRS Letters:  We have received a letter from the IRS saying that they have accepted our 2007 and 2008 tax exempt returns as filed.  This was in accordance with our agreement with them in February.  We also received a letter from a different IRS department taking exception to an item checked in our 2010 tax return.  We have provided a response stating that the item in question was checked on the advice of our tax accountants but we may have misinterpreted the intent of the item. 
  • Gate Remotes:  After six months of difficulties with our supplier, we finally received 24 new gate control remotes.  Because of the immediate demand, we will place an order for another 24 to restock our inventory.




SECURITY:  Dale Mjelde

  • An Incident and Description Report concerning an accident at the main gate was distributed, copy attached in file.
  • A new renter came thru the main gate in a commercial vehicle.  Kim notified him that it must be kept in the garage. 
  • Quotes for the purchase of radios from Pierce County Security, Inc. and Nick Sutton were distributed, copy attached in file.  Discussion was held.  Cell phones would not work well.  M/S/P to accept the lease with Pierce County Security for $44.00 per month.  We need to know how long the lease would be for and if they will they upgrade in the future at no cost. 


MVCC:  Brian Applebury

  • Brian will contact the club to get information about upcoming events.  This will save time in allowing guests through the gate.



  • The dead plants have been removed from the medians and Trent has begun taking out dead or unhealthy photnias.


WEBSITE:  Robert Steiner

·       Posted the May meeting minutes to the website.



  • Two approval letters sent in May; eight in June and more will be sent.
  • We have had no feed back from Lot #267 another letter will be sent.
  • Have had a few issues with Lot #94 – a fence and plastic shed have been installed.


FACILITIES:  Jan Lewis – abs. written report read

  • Met with Lot #355 regarding tree/raised street in front of the mailboxes immediately south of their property. Western States Environmental came to the property and submitted a bid.  I request the allocation of MVMA funds along and homeowner's funds to make repairs.  Lot owner has requested repair of his driveway/street at the same time of Lot #355. 
  • Met with Lee Mudd, Quality Fence regarding adding barb wire on top of the stationary fencing at the north and south gates.  Upon inspection of both gates, evidence of individuals going under and over existing fencing material.  Several sections of rebar have been intertwined to strengthen weakened fencing.  It is recommended that the fence post/rails be painted at completion of the repair.  Discussion was held, rather than the use of wire, the pointed top like on the moving gates could be added to the side fence.  It would look better and still discourage entry over the fence.  The cost will need to be determined before a final decision is made.
  • Subsequent to meeting with Mr. Mudd, requested Trent to cut back the vegetation from the north and south gates to allow access to repair/replacement/installation of barb wire.  Trent commented that the planting should have been cut back and is glad to accommodate.  Trent was also asked to replace the burned out light bulbs in the center divide at the main gate.  The 24 hour timer has been adjusted.
  • Security staff requested pest control service at the guardhouse – infiltration of ants into the structure.  Past years MVMA has provided cans of bug spray, but the security staff reports a larger quantity of ants.  Discussion was held and agreed that a bug service should be used to spray the building.  
  • Lot #94 asked that the neighbor be contacted concerning late night conversations, music, and entertainment in the rear of the property.  Discussion was held, they should contact the security guard to speak to them; if this does not help, the homeowner should call the police.



  • First “Safety Fair” was a success.  Discussion was held concerning the extra effort Kim put forth in making the event run smoothly.  M/S/P to give Kim a $75.00 gift certificate to MVCC for dinner.
  • Discussion was held concerning a credit card from our bank for the MVMA.  An individual’s name would need to be attached to the card; it was determined a card was not needed.
  • Discussion was held concerning the “backflow” test that is required yearly.  Al’s Sprinkler Company will still perform the test for $35.00 each.
  • An E-mail was received concerning Lot #148 holding Yoga Classes in the home.  Discussion was held, at this time, there is no need to become involved.
  • A concrete truck entered and leaked concrete onto the roads; was quickly cleaned up.




Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener