July 13, 2011


CALLED TO ORDER BY PRESIDENT Bill McLaughlin at 7:00 p.m.


ATTENDANCE:  Bill McLaughlin, Jan Lewis, Dale Mjelde, Mike Rucker, Barb Farley, Brian Applebury, and Cheryl Havener

Absent:  Frank Wisdom and Bob Steiner

Guests:  Jack Ottini, Karin Olsen and son 


Mrs. Olsen was concerned what the MVMA policy was regarding skate board use within MVCC.  Discussion was held; Jan Lewis will review and give the Board a proposed policy for review at the next meeting.


Jack Ottini informed the Board that the creek project will be completed next year.


PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES:  Approved as written



·       2011 Assessment Collection:  In the past month, three more properties have been paid in full.  Of the remaining five, one property was granted a discharge in bankruptcy, two are bank-owned, one remains unpaid for 2011 and 2010 and one has an outstanding balance of $27.   Action by our lawyer was successful in enabling us to collect from one previously unresponsive property owner with the possibility of being able to collect on the second previously unresponsive property.   

·       Budget:  Provided copies of the budget vs. actuals through July 9th, copy attached in file.  Expenses for the past month have been tracking to the budget.

·       IRS Letters:  Have heard nothing more from the IRS in regard to our response to their taking exception to an item checked in our 2010 tax return.

·       Gate Remotes:  We ordered an additional 24 gate control remotes.  Our cost has increased to $40 each and this amount is being passed on to property owners who purchase additional remotes.




SECURITY:  Dale Mjelde

  • A skate board policy needs to be in writing and given to the Security guards.
  • Car wash money is needed for washing the Security truck.
  • The monthly lease for the Security radios will cost $44.00 and will be added to the monthly billing from Pacific Coast Security.  The radios are to be installed Wednesday July 13th – one base unit in the Guardhouse and two handheld.
  • Two new tires for the Security truck are needed.
  • Fire yard burning of weeds needs to be addressed.


WEBSITE:  Robert Steiner – no report


  • After the June Board meeting, I spoke with Trent Allen about the weeds in the median beds and also just outside the gate at the South entry; he will tend to them.
  • Trent removed the photinia across from fairway #5 and planted Cypress trees as agreed.
  • Have received several complaints this month:  Debris in the street across from the restrooms on fairway #5, weeds in the median beds and around the entry gates, blackberries growing just outside the gate at the South entry, rockery seems to be in danger of falling across from the restrooms on fairway #5, and sprinklers do not seem to be operating in the entry areas.  Discussion was held; Barb will meet with Ed Bangsund to form a list of incomplete items for Trent to do within a time line.
  • Looked at the rockery, the rocks that appear to be tipping toward the street were previously covered with the photinia that were removed.  As the photinia were removed with the backhoe, the rocks were scraped and they did not move.  They seem to be secure and have been in their present position for some time and don’t appear to be in danger of falling into the road.
  • Kim, security guard, has provided the sprinkler timer key to Trent.



  • Secured quote for North & South gates to replace worn out chain link fencing.
  • Received call from owner of Lot #302 that there is an electrical conduit exposed at the top of the road leading down to the clubhouse, clubhouse management has been notified.
  • Holding off on purchasing dog walking signs until fence is replace/update.  Skate Board signs should be added after our policy is re-defined.
  • Visitor Inbound Gate Repair:  (see quote) – suggest that the outbound gate also be repaired – requires a boom truck to lift the gate, as does the visitor’s inbound gate.  Coordinate repair with club and guards. 
  • Outbound main gate, no opportunity to lock it down – auto open.  Explore switching mechanism to do so for security reasons.
  • Coordinate painting/repairs to guard house – mid-summer.
  • The repair to the street at Lot #355 has been quoted at $1,800.  The homeowner does not want the tree removed and is willing to pay for part of the street repair.  Discussion was held and tabled until another bid is received.
  • The north and south gates need to be painted. 
  • The rusting and faded signage at all the gate locations needs to be replaced. 
  • Frank Wisdom and Jan Lewis observed the daughter of Lot #213 speeding on Wednesday, July 7th.
  • Mike Rucker and Jan Lewis of the Architecture Committee drove around the community and noted the property lots that need yard work.
  • Bill Stansbury, Allied Waste employee and resident, will look at the trash cans in the community and coordinate the removal and replacement of damaged or old cans.
  • Lot #187 is now owned by Fannie Mae.  Agent from Newberry Real Estate came to gate, handed Kim business card of his father, Jan asked for his card and later reminded him to present his own card.  Notice posted of Fannie Mae ownership on July 12, 2011.
  • All but two road reflectors have been replaced.
  • Many of the power boxes are crooked.  Steve Farley will get a list of those boxes in need of repair and give Jan Lewis the information to call the cable/phone company.


ARCHITECTURAL:  Frank Wisdom – no report


MVCC:  Brian Applebury

  • David Burch will get a monthly list of events to Kim, if he forgets; she can call to remind him.



  • Discussion on Lot #348 – Unpaid Dues
  • Discussion on Lot #189 – Tenants.  The owner states that the lease will be up in April and then he can remedy the problem.  It was decided to table the problem until April.
  • E-Mail of complaint concerning Common Grounds, was addressed under that report.
  • Discussion on Driveway Curbs – black rubber or Concrete.  No changes to our policy will be made at this time.




Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener