February 16, 2011


CALLED TO ORDER BY PRESIDENT Bill McLaughlin at 7:02 p.m.


ATTENDANCE:  Bill McLaughlin, Jan Lewis, Dale Mjelde, Mike Rucker, Frank Wisdom, Barb Farley, Brian Applebury, and Cheryl Havener      

Absent:  Bob Steiner

Guests: Sara Davidson, Tom Sharpe, Jim Schack, and Jack Ottini


Sara Davidson shared her concerns about the renters of Lot #189.  There is the possibility that the renters have rented out a room.  Our DORs do not allow a multi-family home.  Discussion was held concerning the number of cars, gate remotes used, and the lack of yard maintenance.  She was asked to send an email to Bill McLaughlin so that he would have the issues in writing, he will then look into the situation.


Tom Sharpe is concerned about the large commercial truck that intermittently is being parked on the street near his home.  The driver had been spoken to by neighbors and one of the neighbors subsequently was threatened by the driver.  911 was called and Officer Wilson arrived, but the driver was gone.  We cautioned everyone not to approach him.  If seen, call Kim at the Guardhouse.  Tom was also asked to put his concerns into writing to Bill. 


Jack Ottini shared information concerning the creek on hole #12.  The project will soon be sent out to bid.  The job must be done between July 1st and mid September or the project will wait until next year.   He also reported that the City of Kent does not want to get involved with the fence issue since it is private property.  Our lawyer will be contacted again to see where we stand.  It is recommended that all seven owners and the MVMA Board should refute any claim he has.


Jim Schack reported that tomorrow he, Bill McLaughlin, Mike Rucker, and Mr. Rose, our attorney, will meet with the IRS for a fast track mediation.  Discussion was held with a review of what we hope to accomplish.  M/S/P for Bill McLaughlin, President, and Mike Rucker, Treasurer, to have the authority to be able to negotiate in good faith on behalf of the MVMA Board.


PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES:  Approved as written



2011 Assessment Collection

  • As of Monday the 14th, 405 properties are paid in full.  Four properties are unpaid for 2011 and one or more prior years.  Of the seventeen remaining properties, verbal commitments for payment have been received from all but six.
  • In December, Wachovia Mortgage, a Wells Fargo company, purchased the house on Lot #73 in a Trustee’s sale.  Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, d/b/a Premiere Asset Services is the Real Estate Owned servicing company for Lot #73.  They have paid the 2011 assessment for the property and finance charges for the six months prior to the Trustee’s sale.  They have said that they intend to market the property.   


  • Provided copies of the budget vs. actual through February 15th along with a summary of the budget by category; security, common grounds, etc.    

Reserve Fund

  • Edward Jones has executed our requested trades to rebalance our reserve fund investments in accordance with our investment policy guidelines.  Initially, there was an error in the number of fund shares bought and sold which was corrected in a discussion with Dean at EJ. 

Insurance Coverage

  • Property damage: $390 premium

            Guardhouse: $25K replacement cost & $1K deductible.

            Fences & Gates: $130K replacement cost & $1K deductible

            We need to make sure these values are accurate.

            Equipment breakdown coverage with $1K deductible

Liability coverage: $3,518 premium

            General aggregate limit of $2M, each occurrence limit of $1M

            Medical for any one person $10K

            Equipment practices liability: $10K per claim

            Auto coverage: $1M limit with no deductible. 

            Coverage for driving own or rental vehicle on behalf of the association.

Umbrella policy: $1K premium.  Extends coverage on the liability and auto policy by $1M.

Directors & Officers Liability: $1,245 premium with an aggregate limit of $1M. 

            Defense costs for any legal actions are included in the limit.     

Income Tax

  • Income tax preparation is in process at Shannon & Associates based on data provided in December.  They expect to complete the work in February.
  • 1099s sent to our accounting and legal firms, and the IRS as required. 




  • The computer at the guardhouse, accessing the internet, has been taken to InfoTech for diagnostics and repair.  Kim reported that the system was dropping out and going into “save mode”.
  • The light bulbs around the flag are now working properly.
  • Looking into the purchase of a small vacuum for the guardhouse in light of the excessive amount of dirt in the computer.
  • Lights at the eaves of the guardhouse have been replaced; a tool to facilitate the exchange of the bulbs has been purchased for ease in removal/replacement of bulbs.
  • Quality Fence will be out this week to replace the broken top rail of the chain link fence at the east side of the property.
  • North gate outbound repair was done on Feb 14th following the failure of a hydrolytic seal.
  • The old storm overflow pipe from the Temple needs to have rock built around the drain.

SECURITY:  Dale Mjelde

  • No issues at this time.  The computer is down and being worked on.


MVCC:  Brian Applebury

  • The MVCC would like to continue receiving the names of new residents to our community.



  • The new common grounds maintenance contractor has submitted a report on his progress.  The report was read to the Board, a copy is attached in file.


WEBSITE:  Robert Steiner

·         Posted the January meeting minutes to the website.

·         Renewed the Norton Security Software on the MVMA Office Computer.

·         Sent out an e-mail to distribution list reminding residents to pay their 2011 MVMA Annual dues before January 31 in order to avoid a late fee penalty.

·         The gate and camera system are now functioning well.  Viruses were removed from the computer and the software was reinstalled.  Virus software was installed and a firewall was installed to prevent outside access to the computer.  A portable backup drive was purchased and installed.  Kim has been using it on a weekly basis.  The most recent problem is with the computer that has resident records, visitor’s lists, etc.  Kim was unable to boot the computer and it was taken to a computer repair store in Federal Way that Jan recommended.    Hopefully the problem will be taken care of by the February Board meeting.


ARCHITECTURAL:  Frank Wisdom/Barb Farley

  • It was discussed and agreed that since this is Barb’s first year on the Architectural Committee, that she should be the Vice-chair rather than Co-chair. An updated committee member list will be forwarded to Bob Steiner for posting on our website.
  • New member to the committee, Bruce Yahr, is gathering information on roofing materials and will be reviewed by the Architectural Committee at the next meeting. A list of approved materials will be presented to the MVMA Board & then posted to website
  • One letter was sent in January and seven have been sent in February.
  • Having issues with Lot #267 concerning a fence, a certified letter was sent February 14th.  If there is no response in 14 days, Bill will contact our lawyer, Mr. Mattern.
  • Have not seen any changes on Lot #298, will contact Mr. Mattern.



  • The north gate was not working on Sunday; on Monday the motor was replaced.
  • Lot #354 reported that tree roots are popping the curb and street up.  The owner of the tree will be contacted.
  • Lot #32 is getting a lot of water run-off; we will ask the City of Kent to check the storm drain on 132nd.
  • The next Board meeting will be Wednesday, March 9th.



Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener