October 13, 2010




ATTENDANCE:  Ed Bangsund, Jan Lewis, Bill McLaughlin, Dale Mjelde, Jim Schack, Frank Wisdom, Ryan Thrower, and Cheryl Havener

Absent:  Bob Steiner


PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES:  Approved as written



  • Current Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual through September 2010 and The Long Range Investments sheet was distributed for review.  Discussion was held, copy attached in file.
  • We are on fast tracking mediation with the IRS.
  • At the beginning of this year there was one lot owner that had not paid dues.  We are looking at possibly seven for next year. 
  • A spread sheet will be e-mailed to each chairman for budget preparation.  The proposed budget should be ready for Board approval at the November meeting and mailed to the membership by November 12th.
  • The Audit Committee will be meeting soon.



FACILITIES:  Bill McLaughlin

  • Met with the eight contractors bidding on the common grounds and outlined the areas of responsibility.  Discussion was held concerning the submitted bids.  The committee has determined the top three bids.  All three were discussed.  M/S/P to accept the bid from Trent Allen.  Work would begin January 1, 2011.  All contractors will be notified.
  • Quality Fence did the repair to the fence on 144th Street and submitted the bill for $582.54.  The bill was given to the Landscape Contractor; he in turn brought a check payable to the Fence Company.  They also replanted the area within two days of the fence repair.
  • The homeowner of Lot 320, near the south gate, reported that a street light was not working.  PSE was called; it will be repaired within the next week. (Pole#313883-167355)
  • Guardian Gate Control did maintenance on all gates around the first of October, the north gate outgoing hydraulic pump failed within one hour after maintenance.  Guardian was out the next day to replace the pump.
  • Kim reported that the gate camera angle at the north and south gates needs to be adjusted.  It costs about $60 per hour to have the technician come out.  He thought it would be about one hour to adjust both cameras.
  • The Garner fence issue was discussed.  A letter will be sent from Demco, our lawyer, to their lawyer informing them that we are moving the fence.


  • MYARD has made a good effort in trying to catch-up with the maintenance of the common grounds; he has spent more time on site and has hired additional help.
  • S.E. 144th will need extra work and plants; this will be budgeted for next year.


SECURITY:  Dale Mjelde

  • Kim, the site supervisor, called concerning Halloween.  Discussion was held and determined that a guard should be on duty at each gate from 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm.


MVCC:  Ryan Thrower

  • This is my last meeting; a new representative from MVCC will be assigned to this Board.


ARCHITECTURAL:  Frank Wisdom/Jan Lewis

  • Photos have been taken of the deterioration of the home on Lot 298.  Discussion was held; M/S/P that a letter from Demco be sent to the owner concerning the need of repairs and general maintenance.



  • 12th hole work will be done in 2011.  If needed, Craig Benson will help sandbag near the homes.
  • Discussion was held concerning the current request for MVCC to host the 2012 Washington State Jr. Golf Tournament.  The Board has no issues with the request – parking should not be a problem.
  • We have been requested to install the Car2U gate opening system.  More information is needed before any determination is made.
  • Political signs are now allowed.  They should be removed 2 days after the election.
  • The Sikh Temple parking lot project has begun. The storm basin reservoirs are located on the Sikh property at the corner of 133rd Ave S.E. and Lot 213. The contractor will connect the infiltration pond to an existing line coming from 132nd Ave S.E.  He has also agreed to install a separate detention pond emergency overflow spillway which will divert the water away from any MVCC residences onto 133rd and into our existing storm water catch basins.
  •  M/S/P to re-paint the 25 MPH speed letters on the streets near the three entrances.
  • MVCC member wants the gates opened with a telephone call – he was told this will not be done.
  • Had problems with Contractor traffic for condos along hole 5 – issue resolved.
  • Had a telephone conversation with David Knapp from Sahalee concerning our IRS audit.  Their homeowners association is very similar to ours.  They have never been audited.
  • The Back pressure testing and valve installation is completed.
  • Discussion was held concerning the five possible candidates running for the Board.  Follow-up calls will be made.



Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener