June 9, 2010




ATTENDANCE:Ed Bangsund, Jan Lewis, Dale Mjelde, Jim Schack, Frank Wisdom, Bob Steiner, and Cheryl Havener

Absent: Bill McLaughlin and Ryan Thrower

Guest: Major Dhami†††


Mr. Dhami addressed the Board with concerns and thoughts about the parking of the Security truck.It was decided that Dale Mjelde would speak to Mr. McCrone about parking the Security truck in the upper parking lot when not in use.We will also approach the new homeowner, when sold, about parking on the previously used parking pad at Lot 225.





  • Current Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual through May 2010 was distributed for review.Discussion was held, copy attached in file.
  • The Long Range Plan is OK, even though in June the value dropped about 10%.
  • Five lots have not paid the homeowner dues.Four are not occupied and we have placed liens on the properties.The fifth homeowner has now made a partial payment and will be paying the rest by the end of the month.
  • The IRS needed a copy of the original determination letter; it has been sent.The copy of the original application form and supporting documents Ė form 1024 was also requested; we could not find it and have asked a different department of the IRS to supply us with a copy of it so that we can give a copy to the IRS auditor.




  • Cleaned up damage to plants after the 132nd Ave. accident outside fence.
  • Robynís Land Care was hired to restore Lot 171ís yard Ė we will probably need to continue maintaining the property.
  • Weed control was used on all three gate planters.
  • Will be ordering 50 yards of bark, will try to keep the bill under $1,000.
  • Craig Bensonís backhoe was used to straighten shrubs at the north gate.The damage was caused by a residentís car.
  • The front entrance and the Thompson fence shrubs are still open issues.
  • Attempting to keep the common grounds costs under budget by $1,000.


SECURITY:Dale Mjelde

  • I notified all homeowners that have commercial vehicles parked over night on their driveways about the violation of the DORs.After many tries I was able to speak to the homeowner of Lot 313 and Lot 6; Lot 274 will be contacted by mail.Lot 6 owner said he would take care of the vehicle in question.Lot 313 owner stated he had been parking in his driveway for 20 years and that the Board would have to sue him.
  • Auto accident at north gate, resident take to the hospital; full report attached in file.


WEBSITE:Robert Steiner

         Posted the May Meeting minutes to the website.

         Sent distribution e-mail reminding residents of the annual Meridian Elementary Fun Run, scheduled for the MVCC perimeter road on Saturday, June 5, from 8:30 to 10:00 am.

         Still working on backup system for guardhouse computer.Supposed to be a proposal and cost estimate for a backup system which I have not seen.


FACILITIES:Ed Bangsund for Bill McLaughlin

         Holmes Electric completed the guardhouse lighting and rewiring.

         Holmes electric installed new fuse boxes at the north and south gates.

         Guardian quarterly maintenance review went well.

         A street light was replaced.

         No news on the Garner fence dispute.The Cole property was sold March 31st.Jim Schack will continue to try to contact the new owners concerning the road easement.


ARCHITECTURAL:Frank Wisdom/Jan Lewis

  • We are having the normal spring time requests.Due to members traveling, we have had only four members for the last few meeting.
  • The owner of Lot 95 has been out of town.Frank will speak to the owner concerning yard maintenance.
  • The owner of Lot 255 mowed the yard, but the property still needs maintenance; Frank will handle.
  • Jan met with the owners of Lots 264 and 265 concerning property tree removal.The dispute has been resolved.



  • Owner of Lot 88 called with concerns about coyotes.Discussion was held, we will remind residents of the importance of refraining from leaving food and pets outside which attracts wild animals.

         A watershed meeting for residents affected by hole #12 creek work will be held in late June.

  • The Fun-Run held by Meridian Elementary went smoothly.
  • We will have a July MVMA Newsletter, all articles are to be submitted by June 30th.We will inform residents that from now on the newsletters will be available via e-mail, on the website, for pick up in the office, and only upon request mailed.
  • All Board members should be seeking candidates for the 2011 Board of Directors.



Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener