July 14, 2010




ATTENDANCE:  Ed Bangsund, Jan Lewis, Bill McLaughlin, Dale Mjelde, Frank Wisdom, Bob Steiner, and Cheryl Havener              

Absent:  Jim Schack, Ryan Thrower

Guest:  Jack Ottini


PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES:  Approved as written


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Jim Schack – abs. distributed written reports

  • Current Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual through June 2010 sheet, Reconciliation Detail sheet, and finance sheet showing Long Range Fund value for July 1, 2010 were distributed for review.  Copies attached in file.
  • Also submitted for Board review was the June 23rd letter to the IRS, the June 3rd letter to Mr. McAllister, and the foreclosure notice on Lot 171 – copies attached in file.




  • Weeding not completed on the common grounds.
  • Partial bark preparation has been done.
  • Entrance planter has not been re-landscaped.
  • Unattended lot clean-up status:  Lot 171, Lot 73, and Lot 122 yard maintenance complete, the area on 142nd not complete.
  • Myard will be given final notice for fulfilling the monthly maintenance on common grounds.  Will obtain bids from Robyn LLC and Highridge Corporation for services, if the work continues to be unsatisfactory.


SECURITY:  Dale Mjelde

  • Lot 212 homeowner reported that someone broke into their mailbox and destroyed plants.  The homeowner was told to report the mailbox incident to the police.


FACILITIES:  Bill McLaughlin

  • Communication with residents via email concerning the required back flow testing, as reported in the web report.  Bill and Bob will review and email all residents that indicated the desire to participate.  We will use either Dennis McLaughlin or Al’s Sprinkler.
  • Met with their attorney to discuss our letter concerning moving the fence.   Meeting did not go smoothly; we are waiting the attorney’s written response.  If needed, we will contact our attorney.


ARCHITECTURAL:  Frank Wisdom/Jan Lewis

  • In June there were thirteen approvals and eleven yard clean-up letters sent.
  • So far for July, ten approvals have been sent.  Thirty-seven lots have been identified to receive either a letter or phone call concerning yard maintenance.


WEBSITE:  Robert Steiner

  • Posted the June Meeting minutes and the July Newsletter to the website.
  • Sent out e-mail to resident distribution list regarding the Backflow Prevention Assembly test requirement and MVMA’s efforts to coordinate residents in order to get a reduced charge from $50 to $35 for individual test if 30- 40 residents go together to use the same backflow tester.  To date we have received close to 140 replies, 95% of whom wish to be part of a group for the reduced rate.  I contacted Chris Wilson, coordinator of the program for Water District #111 and he said letters went out to their customers whom they could identify having sprinkler systems or some other system which drew water off the normal house supply informing the resident of the requirement for an annual inspection of the back flow valve.  This is a state requirement.  Residents who do not have back flow control valve will eventually have to have one installed and undergo the annual inspection.  If a resident has a sprinkler system but it is not used, it is possible to have the system capped and approved by Water District #111.  The annual inspection will not be required in that case.  These residents need to contact Water District #111 if they wish to go this route.
  • To date we have received fifty responses regarding the method of delivery of the Newsletter.  Sixteen indicated that even though they have connectivity, they prefer to receive the Newsletter via the USPS, thirty-three would prefer a pdf file or via the website and one said they did not read the Newsletter so did not care. 
  • Still working on backup system for guardhouse computer.  Supposed to be a proposal with cost estimate for a back-up system which I have not seen.



  • Discussed the coyote problem and sightings.  We have done all that we can do:

1)      contacted the Department of Fish and Wildlife

2)      hired someone to capture and release

3)      have warned residents not to keep food outside and keep pets safe 

  • Held meetings with Mr. Singh, Temple Property.  We now have a signed contract and a check for $3,000 but the drawing are not complete.  We will not deposit the check until all requirements are met.
  • The City of Kent held a Creek restoration meeting with neighbors invited.  The hold-up in the project is the obtaining of permits; Brian Applebury will try to help.
  • IRS revocation was shared with the Board.  Jim Schack will handle our response.
  • Continue to have dog complaint from one homeowner, Dale will handle.
  • Lot 265 and 264 homeowners continue to argue over their property line.
  • Motor home parking allowance was discussed.  A homeowner has 24 hours to park and ready their vehicle for travel.
  • The street sweeping, Roger Grover, will be done after the beauty bark is applied.




Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener