August 11, 2010




ATTENDANCE:  Ed Bangsund, Bill McLaughlin, Dale Mjelde, Jim Schack, Ryan Thrower, and Bob Steiner

Absent:  Jan Lewis, Frank Wisdom, and Cheryl Havener

Guests:  Dale Allen and Jim Strand


FACILITIES:  Bill McLaughlin

  • The guests were invited to discuss the fence issues.  Discussion was held.  We will be working with Demco to determine our position on adverse possession with Gardner/Wilson.


PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES:  Approved as written



  • Current Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual through July 2010 was distributed for review.  Discussion was held, copy attached in file.
  • The Long Range Plan investments overview was distributed, copy in file.
  • Shannon and Associates provided an estimate for the annual cost to MVMA if the non-profit status is lost.  A more detailed report will be prepared.  M/S/P the expenditure of up to $3,000 for Shannon and Associates to respond to the IRS determination.




  • A mandatory catch-up schedule was provided to MYARD August 10th.  Schedule included mowing, weeding, pruning, barking, shrub replacement and installation, and seedling removal.
  • Preparing bid list for 2011 including the following:  MYARD, Vargus Landscaping, ROBYN’S Total Land Care, Highridge Corporation, and Jeff Colston.
  • The Common Grounds Budget appears to be on schedule


SECURITY:  Dale Mjelde

  • A letter was mailed to the renters of Lot 50 concerning their dog running free in the neighborhood, resulting in deposits being made in neighbor’s yards. 
  • The owner of Lot 95 has purchased a “barking dog collar”; the barking issue seems to be resolved.
  • The Security Truck was taken in to Bowen Scarff for the repair of a flat tire.
  • The Security Company called to talk to Glenn Weller about the problems reported from Kim.  The temps are not meeting the requirements needed by Meridian Valley.  Example: one man was sent to fill in to drive the truck on patrol – he had no driver’s license, another had no computer skills.  Mr. Weller will get together with Kim to resolve these problems.


WEBSITE:  Robert Steiner

·         Posted the July Meeting minutes to the website.

·         Backflow Prevention Assembly testing has been mostly completed. Got a preliminary report from Al’s indicating that they went to at least 135 residences.  Of these approximately 50% passed, 10 had no sprinkler systems, hence no need for a back flow valve, another 10 had a vacuum breaker system and will not be required to have a test.  The remainder either did not pass or they could not be tested because of the type of valve or the condition of the valve.  Al’s is in the process of contacting these residents informing them of the state of their back flow valve system and some options of what could be done.

·         To date we have received 60 responses regarding the method of delivery of the MVMA Newsletter.  Six (10%) indicated that they did not have internet connectivity and wished to continue to receive a hardcopy of the Newsletter.  Fourteen (23%) indicated that even though they have connectivity, they prefer to receive the Newsletter via the USPS, 39 (65%) said they would prefer a pdf file or via the MVMA website and 1 (2%) said he/she did not read the Newsletter so did not care.  Fifty-three (88%) of the replies were from the newsletter and 7 (12%) via the internet.

·         Still working on backup system for gate house computer.  Supposed to be a proposal and cost estimate for a backup system which I have not seen.


ARCHITECTURAL:  Frank Wisdom/Jan Lewis – abs.  -  No report.



  • The Street Sweeper will not be used again until fall.
  • DEMCO’s response to IRS decision on non-profit revocation was discussed.
  • Lot 122 has been sprayed for weeds and the shrubs and trees have been trimmed.
  • The yard at Lot 171 has been mowed.
  • We have not received the storm drain plans from the SIKH Temple.
  • A nominating committee will be formed to solicit candidates for the 2011 Board of Trustees.          
  • Lot 171 property sale is re-scheduled for September 24, 2010.  Lot 265 is to be sold in August.
  • We had gate problems yesterday and today.  They have been repaired.
  • Myard will be painting the street lines and speed bumps.




Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener