April 14, 2010




ATTENDANCE:  Ed Bangsund, Jan Lewis, Bill McLaughlin, Dale Mjelde, Jim Schack, Frank Wisdom, Bob Steiner, Ryan Thrower, and Cheryl Havener


PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES:  Approved as written



  • Current Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual through March 2010, Reconciliation Detail through March 31, 2010, and the Long Range Investment sheets were distributed for review.  Discussion was held, copies attached in file.
  • A list of the non-current dues owners was distributed and reviewed, copy attached in file.  Four liens have been filed.  Two other homeowners are still working on payment.   Discussion was held concerning Judicial Foreclosures – no action at this time.
  • Discussion was held concerning the IRS audit.  Ms. Dubesa has asked for additional information – the five questions were shared with the Board.  Jim Schack will send her the answers, copy attached in file.




  • Stop sign repair at Lot #317—Complete
  • 144th arborvitae shrub installation—Not Complete
  • Front entrance shrub replanting—Not Complete
  • Weed-B-Gone and seeding of Lot #122—Not Complete
  • Replacement shrub for Al Thompson—Not Complete
  • Myard was given a deadline of April 15th to complete the above items.


SECURITY:  Dale Mjelde

  • Holmes electric will be contacted to replace some of the recessed lights not working correctly on the outside of the guardhouse, Bill will handle.
  • The commercial vehicle on Lot #50 has requested permission to park for two more weeks due to the dry wall installation being done.
  • The street parking problem for Lot #316 has been resolved.
  • Spoke to Lot #2012 concerning the son’s speeding – the father will handle.  If problems continue, the remotes may be deactivated.
  • The guards have had problems with persons desiring to serve legal documents to residents.  Discussion was held concerning how to deal with this issue.


MVCC:  Ryan Thrower

  • Everything is going well.



WEBSITE:  Robert Steiner

·         Posted the March Meeting minutes to the website.

·         Added the 2009 MVMA Federal Tax return to the website, posted on Minutes pages in a separate section at the bottom of the page.

·         Sent e-mail reminding residents of Kent spring cleanup week (extra garbage & yard waste pickup) and of Green Planet recycle opportunities for electronics, appliances and metals.

·         Still working on backup system for guardhouse computer.


FACILITIES:  Bill McLaughlin

  • A full update was given concerning the Southwest boundary fence line move.  Part of the fence has been completed.  We are now waiting to receive word from Mr. Garner’s lawyer concerning their surveyor’s findings.  Hopefully the project will be completed soon.
  • Lot # 268 complained about water run-off onto the property.  It is normal run-off and not an issue for the Board.

ARCHITECTURAL:  Frank Wisdom/Jan Lewis

  • Five letters sent in March.  So far this month ten approval letters have been sent.
  • Yard maintenance letters will soon be mailed.
  • The yard on Lot #255 has not been maintained for quite some time.  A strong letter with be sent.
  • The owner of Lot #171 wants to sell off some of the vegetation.  They will need A/C approval before doing so.



  • Meridian Valley Creek Restoration project was approved by the Public Works Committee; full Council will meet on April 20th for the Mayor’s signature.  A letter will be sent to residents near the creek, informing them of the anticipated plan.
  • Discussion was held concerning getting the Security Truck washed once a month. M/S/P to purchase $88 or 112 tokens or 14 washes from the Meridian Valley Carwash.
  • Discussion was held concerning a procedure for the Security guards dealing with Process Servers.  M/S/P for Demco Law Firm to draft a policy procedure for the Guards to follow concerning Process Servers.
  • A resident from outside our community whose property borders our fence is concerned with tree overgrowth of the owner of Lot #299’s trees onto his property, Frank will handle.
  • A letter was sent to the owner of Lot #316 concerning a parking problem.  The owner has submitted a request to the A/C for the installation of a parking surface on their property.
  • Movement of front entrance bus stop.
  • The SEM rewiring of the north and south gates still needs to be done.
  • Security Supervisor Kim Sharrah’s father passed away, Cheryl delivered a floral display from MVMA to the funeral home.



·       Received a complaint from the owner of Lot #339 about security procedures.  Discussion was held, re-enforcement of the policy with the guards needs to be done.

·         Discussion was held considering an Emergency Preparedness Plan.  Everyone was asked to think about this for future discussion.

·         Jan will look into the language used in the titles concerning the easement along the fence line for Lot’s #264 and 265.



Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener