October 14, 2009




ATTENDANCE:  Jack Ottini, Terry Lavery, Ed Bangsund, Jim Schack, Frank Wisdom, Bill McLaughlin, and Cheryl Havener

Absent:  Ryan Thrower, Bob Steiner

GUESTS:  Nick Sutton, Bruce Yahr, Jim and Jeanne Strand


President Jack Ottini welcomed all guests.  All homeowners, along the fence line that is being moved, have been contacted.  Jim and Jeanne Strand and Bruce Yahr attended this meeting to get a better understanding of this project.  Discussion was held and all questions answered.


Nick Sutton, a security service technician, attended this meeting to answer questions concerning radios for the security guards.  Several options were discussed.  His written recommendation along with the options available will be sent to the Board. 


PREVIOUS MEETING MINUTES:  Approved as written



  • Current Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual through September 2009, Edward Jones Summary of Assets, a list of checks written in September, and account statements from First Savings Bank Northwest showing the opening of new savings and checking accounts was distributed for review.  Discussion was held, copies attached in file.
  • A thank you to all committee chairs for their work on the budget. A review of the budget was discussed.  More money is needed for the long range plan.  A finalized budget will be emailed to each Board member soon.  At the next meeting the budget will be ready for Board approval and mailed to homeowners.
  • A thank you to Bob Steiner for handling the replacement of the “mother board” on the office computer.




  • Myard will continue with possible subcontractors into 2010.
  • This is the season for leaf clean-up.
  • Preparing fence area for planting of shrubbery.
  • Purged water from main and north gate planter sprinkler systems.
  • Prepared preliminary 2010 budget for Lands & Maintenance.
  • Supported Ottini/McLaughlin on south fence modification effort.
  • Ed will check into having the weeds killed and grass planted on vacant Lot 122.


SECURITY:  Terry Lavery / Ed Bangsund

  • Responded to speeding complaint by homeowner.
  • Teamed with Ottini to open gates during brief power failure.
  • Guardhouse received report concerning loud party, they were told to call the police.
  • Security truck had flat tire.
  • Comcast cable on site to “cold call” and was turned away at the gate.
  • Six hours of overtime were approved for Kim. 
  • The security budget is being worked on; March is when an increase in wages goes into effect for the security guards.
  • A new security pick-up truck, to be purchase the first part of the year is included in the budget; Dale Mjelde will get a bid from Ford.  It was suggested that two snow tires, which can be rotated with the original four tires also be purchased.


FACILITIES:  Bill McLaughlin

  • September 1st, Lot 260 called about moving fence back to property line, was handled.
  • September 8th, Lot 311 called about a hole in the fence.  The police cut the fence to let canine chase a criminal.  We will repair.
  • Received a letter September 20th from the owner of Lot 158 requesting the removal of “Speed Bump” from in front of their home.  A map showing street bump locations was distributed.  Discussion was held, a letter will be sent denying the request.
  • A new bid proposal from Quality Fence to move the fence back to property line on lots 258 thru 263.
  • The south out bound gate had a broken drive wheel – Guardian responded and fixed.  The main gate resident gate was broken – Guardian called, the cause not known at this time.
  • Work is being done along the south side of Lots 258 thru 263.  The original fence line was installed 3’ to 6’ off the property line.  Work to clean-up the property and remove trees and brush has been completed.  The fence will be relocated to its proper place within the next month.  A surveyor will survey the entire length of the property line.  M/S/P to re-bid the moving of the fence and that the cost should not exceed $6,000.  Jim Schack will write a letter to the engineers and owners concerning the need to follow plat procedures.  Issues must be revisited when concerning utilizing the storm drain, vacate the easement to the survey line and access road – after the survey it must be re-plated – the builder should move the fence over and PSE move the power line should be made a condition of the plat.
  • The Comcast cable box at SE 251st St and SE 251st Place was damaged – it was reported to Comcast and they will fix.
  • Jim Marter repaired the latch on door of gatehouse and fixed some loose connections on the radio base station.



  • Architectural Committee Activity in September 2009 saw eleven approval letters sent to residents.
  • During our October 2009 meeting held Wednesday, October 7th the committee approved eight requests with zero rejections.
  • Overall activity appears to be slowing down as is normal for this time of year.



  • Election signs are ok as of October 13th.  Very few signs were put up early; all were taken down after a phone call.
  • Four residents have been contacted about running for the Board.  All current Board members should ask friends and neighbors to run.
  • Surveillance has found that the dog at Lot 298 is gone and the kennel cover has been removed.  The resident has not complied with all items requested by the Architectural Committee.  The lawsuit is about the dog problems only, since these have been resolved, it was M/S/P to terminate the law suit.  Demco Law Firm will be informed. 
  • SEFNCO Communications is repairing damaged cable in the area.  Brian Applebury is getting information on the location of conduit locations under road intersections so the cable upgrade will be easier.
  • Lot 164 will be sent a letter about tree pruning.



  • The next newsletter will be mailed December 1st; articles should be turned in by November 1st.







Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener