DECEMBER 8, 2009


CALLED TO ORDER:  7: 35 p.m. by President Jack Ottini


ATTENDANCE:  Forty-eight accredited homeowners were present, which along with ninety-two signed proxies provided a quorum for the meeting.



            Residents were welcomed and thanked for their attendance at the Annual Meeting.  The Board members and Office Manager were introduced and thanked.  A moment of silence was given in memory of the five police officers who recently lost their lives.

            There are sign-up sheets in the lobby for the 2010 committees which support various Board activities.  Please hold all questions and comments until after the reports are given.



It was moved, seconded, and passed to dispense with the reading of the 2008 Annual Meeting Minutes and accept the minutes as submitted.



SECURITY:  Terry Lavery

            I am astounded at how far we have progressed in the three years that I have served on this Board.  In 2007, we were deciding on a new access system for the community.  In 2008 we were fine tuning the access system for the residents and the security guards. In 2009 we are trying to figure out how to install the new batteries in the remotes.  Now that is progress.

            The Board’s decision to install the new access system with the remotes and “click to enter” option for the Fire and Police Departments was the correct decision and it has proven itself numerous times during the past year.  These cameras and digital recoding images have been used to assist the Kent Police, the security chairman, and other Board members to identify residents/non residents that are violating the law and/or DOR’s.

            If you have reviewed the budget for 2010, you saw that the costs for the security in our community take the lion’s share of that budget.  With that figure in mind, what are we getting in return?  We get a gated and secure community but NOT a crimeless community; we get limited access to our homes if we choose but not total limitation, savvy people can tailgate through the North and South gates.  We have a secure community.  We are very fortunate to have a first class, professional and most importantly a stable security staff here at MVCC.  They are contracted to us by Pierce County Security and they are led by a dedicated, loyal and hard working supervisor, Kim Sharrah, who is here tonight.  She has worked tirelessly to input all of your information into the new computer system and to make sure that the interface between the two computers systems works seamlessly and that our new system is working as designed.  In addition Kim is on call at all hours of the night to make sure that the gates and access computer system is operational at all times. 

            Our challenges in our community continue to be:

·         We still have certain residents and a small number of teenage drivers that exceed the posted speed limit of 25 mph.

·         Break-in to vehicles in driveways – we had a dramatic decrease in the number of reported break-ins in 2009 vs. 2008.  Please keep up the vigilance and locking of your vehicles in your driveway. Keep your garage doors closed when not in use.  And keep items of interest out of view both in the vehicles and garages.  The regular patrols by the Kent Police using the “click to enter” access option, has also contributed to the decline in vandalism and theft.

·         Dog complaints increased dramatically in 2009.  Barking dogs, dogs that are not confined to their owner’s lots, dogs that are being walked late at night off lease, dogs that are defecating in neighbors’ yards and finally a certain breed that is known to be vicious, getting out of their owner’s lots and scaring people.  The DOR that regulates the domestic animal issue is Article VI, Section 6, Section c.  This year the Board was forced into legal action against one of our residents that had a dog that was a nuisance to the community.  I have been told we also have a cat problem. 

·         The Security vehicle is an integral part of our security patrol.  It has over 100,000 miles on it.  It will be replaced in 2010.

·         Non-resident and commercial vehicles trying to access/egress the community via the north and south gates “tailgating”.  If possible and if it’s not a safety or traffic issue please direct the vehicles to the main gate.  The guards have a list of construction projects and will direct the drivers to the correct location.  We are not opposed to a resident meeting or escorting the vehicle to their property if it saves times.

Finally, I would like to thank Dale Mjelde for his tireless help with the security vehicle and keeping the guardhouse stocked with supplies.  And to Jim Marter for his invaluable work in the guardhouse and on the gates.  Finally, thank you to my fellow Board members who fill in for me during the work week.  It has been my pleasure to serve on the Board.



I would like to first thank the eight volunteers on the 2009 Architectural Committee: Sarah Davidson, Terry Lavery, Janet Lewis, Randy McClaflin, Pat Mjelde, Jared Myers, Joanne Ottini, and Mike Rucker.  The Committee held 12 scheduled meetings, a few site visits, monthly inspections and handled numerous phone calls as part of their duties.

Over the last four years the Committee issued an average of 184 letters per year.  By the close of 2009 the Committee anticipates we will have issued 160 letters responding to project requests and violation letters.

This year approximately 75% of the letters were for project request such as tree removal, landscaping, painting/siding or roofing. The remaining 25% of the letters were for attention needed to either home or yard maintenance.

We have two homes under construction and only three vacant lots. The 2010 Architectural Committee will be forming shortly.  The first meeting will be held in early January and those of you who are interested in serving on the Committee should notify a Board member or the MVMA Office Manager for consideration by the new Committee Chair.


FACILITIES:  Bill McLaughlin

This year we had the cracks sealed on our roads.  We have approximately 306 catch basins in our community.  About every three years, the City of Kent inspects the basins, 2009 being an inspection year.  They issue a “corrections” report that shows any problems.  We hired a company to come in and clean and repair all of our catch basins so they are in compliance with the City of Kent standards.  All of this work was completed in the fall of 2009. 

We are in the process of repairing a section of the fence on our southwest property line.  The fence was any where from 2 feet to 6 feet off of the property line.  The work should be completed in the coming months.

The police were chasing a criminal through our neighborhood and cut our fence in two places to allow their dog to chase and apprehend the criminal.  These repairs will also be completed.

Our gates are all operating all-right but do occasionally need repairs. 

We had a number of street lights not working this last year, Puget Sound Energy was notified and in most cases were repaired within a few days.  Some of the street lights were not burned out bulbs but wires shorted out in the ground.

A couple of stop signs had to be repaired or replaced.

Thanks to all of you that call or e-mail with regards to our facilities.



The contract with MYARD, Chris Rodwell, has been negotiated for next year.  Common Properties includes the outside three entrances, median planters inside the gates, areas inside fence by the perimeter road along east and west boundaries, and cul-de-sac at end of 142nd S.E.  These areas require mowing, trimming, power edging, spraying herbicides, pruning, fertilizing, applying bark, operating and repairing landscape lighting and irrigation, and painting entrance curbs and speed bumps. It was also necessary for the clean up of sand after the snowstorm, keeping the sand from entering the 306 drains.

This year the dead photinia and stumps along 144th S.E. was removed and we are in the process of installing 24 Emerald Green Arborvitae.   The north gate planter was hand watered with the help from Richard Snyder.  The new sprinkler system was installed via the James’ property.

We are better prepared for snow/ice in 2010 - Western States (street sweeper) has purchased a removable blade for their truck and will be called if needed.

I also rode with the Security night patrol and observed the guards.  On a daily basis there are many calls to the guards, unauthorized visitors trying to enter, vendor entries, and animal trouble.

            Thanks to my fellow Board members for their support and assistance during this last year



Last year we had two non-paying residents – a lien was placed on each property.  I have budgeted two more non-paying for 2010 as a precaution.  The largest budget expense is the security guard pay.  The Land & Maintenance costs were higher due to the installation of the sprinkler system.  The Roads, Fence, & Gates line was higher due to the moving of the fence.  There was a $5,000. contribution to the Long Range Plan. 

Copies of the 2007, 2008, and 2009 budget and the proposed budget were made available on the tables in the entry.  A review of the need to increase the yearly dues by $25.00 was explained. 


MVMA WEBSITE:  Robert Steiner
        It does not appear that MVMA will be a paperless organization anytime soon but the MVMA Website does try to make Homeowner information readily available on the website.  If you have not yet checked out the site, I encourage you do to so.  On the website you will find: 

  • Contact information is listed for the current Board and office manager and the Architectural Committee. 
  • The past four years monthly Board and Annual meeting minutes are posted on the website as well as the current and past three-year budgets. 
  • Current and past three years’ newsletters are on line. 
  • The DOR’s and Board Policies as well Constructions, Architectural and Demolition Guidelines are also on the website.
  • A number of forms (Architectural Request, Remote Request, Guest List, Absence, etc can be downloaded from the web rather than having to pick one up at the MVMA office.

The MVMA e-mail distribution list currently has about half of the MVCC residents on it.  E-mail distribution is used only to inform residents of items of interest/concern.  E-mail addresses are not shared.  It is difficult to maintain an up-to-date distribution list so if your e-mail address changes, please let me or Cheryl Havener, MVMA office manager know of any changes.  If you are not currently on the distribution list, not sure if you are on the distribution list or would like to update your e-mail address would you please fill out one of the 4x6 card with your name, lot number and/or address and your e-mail address and leave it on the table at the back of the room.
        I especially would like to thank the Meridian Valley Country Club for allowing the MVMA to piggy back our website on the MVCC website at minimal/no expense.  The url is  The e-mail address of the MVMA homeowners is  If you have comments/suggestions for the website please share them with me and/or other Board members.



            Thank you to the Board members for their hard work during 2009.  I especially want to thank Kim Sharrah (Security site manager) and Jim Marter (Mr. Fix-it).  Also thanks to Craig McCrone, Craig Benson, and their staffs for all of their help.

The floor is now open for questions.



No comments were given.  M/S/P to accept the proposed budget for 2009.



            The election for the Board Members was very close.  Thank you to all three for running for office.   Jan Lewis and Dale Mjelde were elected to the Board for a three year term.

Ed Bangsund thanked everyone for attending the meeting and presented Terry Lavery and Jack Ottini with a gift from the Association.

It was announced that Ed Bangsund will be next year’s President, Bill McLaughlin – Vice President, and Jim Schack – Treasurer.




Minutes prepared by Cheryl Havener