MVMA - 2017 Board of Trustees

Jack Ottini President/Facilities
Com Prop
Jan Lewis Vice President/Arch Co-Chair 206-786-3715
Richard Sleep Treasurer 862-812-7417
Mike Atwood Facilities/Com Prop 253-217-5336
Sam Shirley Security 253-638-9304
Jim Stott Computer System/Security 253-277-2117
Cheryl Havener MVCC Representative 253-630-1553
*Cheryl Havener Office Manager 253-630-1553
*Pat Mjelde Arch Co-Chair 263-630-2281
*Mike Rucker Computer System 253-631-0717
*Robert Steiner MVMA Webmaster 253-630-2619
MVMA Office Hrs Monday, 9-12 253-631-3131 x32
253-631-9014 (fax)
Security Security Guard House 253-631-2225  
*Not a Member of the MVMA Board

Inform security when you expect visitors.
Please inform Puget Sound Energy for power or light pole outages (888-225-5773) or
click on the following link to report street light outage online.
Street light Outage

Call 911 for EMERGENCIES, then call the gatehouse!

Architecture Meetings 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm
Board Meetings 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm
Annual Meeting 2nd Tuesday in December

All Meetings are held at Meridian Valley Country Club unless posted otherwise

Click this link to print out a hardcopy of the current Board of Trustees.