We have recently received input from our attorney which states the following:

“The Board has the authority, under Article V, Section 7 of the Declaration of Restrictions governing the Meridian Valley properties, to prohibit any homeowner or their guests from using any of the common property within the Meridian Valley development, if they have not paid their homeowners dues.”

Our roads are “common property”, which means the board has the authority to prohibit a delinquent property owner from driving on our roads.  It is expected that this would only be used as a last resort, short of taking someone to court, but is an option that will be exercised in the event that it becomes necessary.

It is time again to elect two new Board members, please contact any Board member if you have an interest in serving your community.




            We have the ability to send statements for yearly dues via email.  This could be convenient for property owners who plan to be traveling or otherwise out of touch with regular mail during December when the statements are sent out.  This service can also be provided for newsletters.  If you would like to take advantage of either of these options, send an email to Cheryl at 

Our vendor now charges $40 for gate access remotes.  As a result, we have had to increase the cost to property owners to that amount.  For new property owners, two remotes are provided without any charge.  Additional remotes, if desired, must be paid for at the going rate.  Request forms are available on-line at or outside the association office at the country club.


SECURITY – Dale Mjelde


            Officer Kim and crew now have new radios.  The Patrols can now communicate between the guardhouse and patrol vehicle.

            Safety Concerning Our Youth – skate boarders and golf carts:  soon a policy will be on the website concerning the rules for skate boarding.  The mandatory wearing of helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves are being considered.  Golf carts are not TOYS.  They are meant for use on the golf course not for joy riding around the roadways without regard for safety.  Speaking of safety, it is a sad fact that obeying the posted stop signs and the 25mph speed limit is so hard to comply with by many of residents!  They are posted for everyone’s well being and safety.




The committee meets the first Wednesday of every month.  Any change to the exterior of your property (exterior paint, window replacement, new roof, changes to landscaping, remodeling/expansion, satellite dish installation, etc.) requires approval, per our Declaration of Restrictions and Policies, by the Architectural Committee.  Attaching detailed information, drawings, samples, etc., is extremely helpful for the committee members and periodically we will perform an on-site visit to better understand the project.  We are more than glad to be timely in our response, especially when we have sufficient information to understand and approve your desired project.

The committee thanks those homeowners who have been diligent in keeping the weeds at bay and the exterior of their homes in pristine condition. In addition to weeds, many of the well established plantings, including trees and shrubs, have overgrown and need attention or trimming. Would you please take a moment to walk your lot to see if you have trees and/or shrubs that are growing into and over the street?  If so, please trim the vegetation back to inside your curb-line as we have had some complaints from walkers. Also, each of us is responsible for keeping our street gutters clear of debris as well as weed removal along the street curbing in front of our properties. All yard debris should be picked-up and deposited into a green waste or waste container. Clippings and leaves should never be blown into a neighbor’s property or onto the streets.  The debris entering our storm drain system will just end up costing us all more money to remove impacting our annual dues. For those who contract out your landscape maintenance to a company or individual, please remind them of the above requirements.

And lastly, our committee and the MVMA Board are here to be of service to our community.  We appreciate your input, comments, and suggestions.  As the Architectural Committee, we can’t resolve issues between neighbors, we are here to listen and make suggestions, but disputes or concerns between neighbors is just that, a neighbor to neighbor conversation. We thank all of you for your continued commitment and contributions to our community.




With the wet spring and summer, we’re now struggling to keep the weeds under control in our planting areas.  Many of our trees and shrubbery have taken a beating over the winter.  The overhanging photinia along 144th Avenue S.E. has been trimmed and the northerly section has been removed and replanted with more appropriate plants.  We’ve removed plants throughout the entrances which have died over the winter and will be replacing them soon.  We’ve also removed the plants which did not survive at the top of the hill on 144th.  The entrance medians have been re-barked.

The speed bumps will be painted during September so they will be fresh and bright to accommodate the dark winter nights.


MVMA WEBSITE – Robert Steiner


The MVMA website and e-mail distribution list remain the most expedient means to efficiently contact MVCC residents.  We use the e-mail distribution list for items of security and for general information which the Board feels will be useful to residents.  On occasion residents have objected to e-mails.  You have the option to remove your name from the distribution list if you do not wish to receive e-mails.  Send your request to be removed from the distribution list to or 

If you are not currently on the distribution list and would like to be added or wish to update your e-mail address, please send your e-mail address to the or  E-mail addresses are not shared.

The MVMA website provides residents with contact information, past minutes and newsletters, forms, policies, and other information that MVCC residents could find helpful.  If you have not yet checked out the site, I encourage you do to so at:  Monthly Board Minutes, Newsletter, the December 2010 MVMA Annual Meeting minutes, 2011 Budget and 2010 MVMA Tax Return are also available on the website.

We are currently working with Gordon Fasbender, web designer for the Meridian Valley Country Club to upgrade and increase the functionality of our MVMA website.  We are striving for a website in which information is private, yet residents will be able to upgrade address information, visitors' lists, vehicle lists, etc.  We hope to have changes made before the end of the year.


FACILITIES – Janet Lewis                          


            Upcoming projects will be the repair of the guest entrance at the main gate, scheduled for mid September.  The outbound gate, at the main entrance, will also be serviced.  Routine maintenance and repairs have been made, as needed. 

            As the leaves begin to fall, please ask your landscape services to pick up and remove debris, rather than blowing/washing the leaves into the storm drains.  Keeping the storm drains free of debris, saves our maintenance association money when the drainage lines are cleaned out.




GATE OPERATING HOURS:                                GUARDHOUSE phone # 253-631-2225

MAIN GATE:  accessible 24 hours     

NORTH & SOUTH GATES:  accessible with remotes 4:00 am until 10:00 pm