I didn’t think summer was ever going to get here.  It is now refreshing to see our landscape coming in to such a beautiful full bloom.

            In these tough economic times, we are experiencing a problem with lots that require our attention.  We have approximately five properties that are either in foreclosure, owned by private banks, or unattended.  Our treasurer, Jim Schack has spent many hours attempting to track the legal owners both to obtain our yearly maintenance fee and/or promote action on mowing and pruning.  When we have to care for these properties, we bear a cost which will be hard to recover based on other liens against the owners.

We are also experiencing an increased number of coyote sightings over the past few months.  We are attending the problem on several fronts and hope we can reduce the number of incidents, however as we are a suburban community that is located near the Soos Creek trail (a safe haven for raccoons and coyotes) we can anticipate that further property development will continue to dislocate these creatures.  We urge homeowners to be thoughtful about leaving small pets and especially pet food, unattended.  We will continue to do whatever we can to eliminate the intrusion of foreign animals into the Meridian Valley Country Club, but we need your help in eliminating any attractions and reporting sightings to Security.

Ending my report on a good note, we were fortunate enough to convince the City of Kent to address the flooding problem on hole No. 12 for the residents near S.E. 243rd Place.  The Kent City Council approved the hiring of the Watershed Company on April 20th of this year.  They have completed the majority of the design effort and have secured permits from the Army Corps of Engineers, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington State Department of Ecology, and Kent City Planning.  They hope to complete construction on a separate contract for the re-routing of the creek this summer, prior to impacting the salmon runs.


 FACILITIES – Bill McLaughlin


We have moved our Southwest perimeter fence back to the property boundaries as per our recent survey.

            The guard shack soffit and spot lights needed to be rewired; the bath lights, fan and switch needed rewiring also.  This work was completed in early May. 

We also have been having problems with the power panels at the North and South Gates.  Both panels were replaced and included GFI receptacles.  This work required PSE to shut power off to the meter base.  The re-wiring was completed in one day and then PSE turned power back on.  Both systems are working great.




                   253-639-1515 or cell 206-786-3715

The heavy spring rains we have been experiencing have yielded a bumper crop of weeds.  To those homeowners who have been diligent in keeping the weeds at bay, we thank you.  Along with the weeds, many of the well established plantings, including trees & shrubs, have overgrown and need attention.  It has been brought to our attention that quite a few trees and shrubs have grown over the edge of the curb and into the street, causing line of sight obstruction for drivers and walkers.

Would you please take a moment to walk your lot to see if you have trees and/or shrubs that are growing into and over the street?  If so, please have the vegetation cut back to inside your curb-line.  We have had complaints from walkers & those walking their dogs that have had to jump out of the way for on-coming vehicles that are (albeit sometimes speeding) that can’t see pedestrians because of the extensive growth.

With the summer months arriving, homeowners typically request approval for exterior work to be done while the weather is conducive.  The committee meets the first Wednesday of every month.  Any change to the exterior of your property (exterior paint, window replacement, new roof, changes to landscaping, remodeling/expansion, etc.) requires approval, per our Declaration of Restrictions and Policies, by the Architectural Committee.  Attaching detailed information, drawings, samples, etc., is extremely helpful for the committee members.  Periodically we have taken a “road trip” to see a project site.  We are more than glad to be timely in our response, especially when we have sufficient information to understand and approve your desired project.

As Ed Bangsund has mentioned, we do have some properties that are in financial distress and are in the process of being foreclosed.  Our community is not different than the rest of our region, and we thank those Meridian Valley homeowners who are volunteering to help maintain their neighbors’ yards during these times of transition.  Likewise, keeping an eye on vacant properties and alerting any of our Board members and security staff of disturbances is most appreciated.

And lastly, our committee and the MVMA Board are here to be of service to our community.  We appreciate your input, comments and suggestions.  As the Architectural Committee we can’t resolve issues between neighbors, we are here to listen and make suggestions, but disputes or concerns between neighbors is just that, a neighbor to neighbor conversation. We thank you for your commitment to our community and the quality of life we enjoy and appreciate as residents of the Meridian Valley community.


SECURITY – Dale Mjelde


            The best part of this report is that for the most part the first six months have gone relatively well.  Let’s try to keep it going this way, OK? 

There has been an increase in coyote sighting, so please take care with your small pets and do not leave pet food outdoors at any time.

Remember that our DOR’s and policies prohibit the parking of all commercial vehicles overnight on your property.  Last item is one that is on going.  Please make full stops at all posted stop signs and obey the 25 mph speed limit.  Your compliance makes the MVCC a safe community for all.




            In spite of the tough economic times MVMA expenses remains well within budget for 2010.  The MVMA budget is prepared each October by the Board and approved at the Annual Meeting for each of the following areas: Lands & Maintenance, Roads-Gates & Fences, Security, Office, Utilities, Insurance, Legal and Accounting.  On a monthly basis the MVMA Board reviews a report of actual expenses vs. budget for each department. 

            MVMA maintains a Long Range Fund for the purposes of funding future capital improvements; such as repaving the roads, repair of storm drain system, replacing fencing, upgrading security system, and replacing security vehicle.  The most recent Long Range Task Group prepared a 35-year plan in the year 2000.  It is reviewed and updated on an annual basis by the Board.  As of June this fund has $252,958 invested in mutual funds, bonds, and CD’s.  These investments are rebalanced once per year by our Investment subcommittee according to the MVMA Investment Policy, this policy can be found on the MVMA website.  Our Long Range Fund Target is $246,592 for year-end November 30, 2010 so as you can see we are ahead of target.




Wow, was that ever a wet spring.  We struggled to keep up with the weeds growing in all the planters.  With this dryer weather, we can apply weed killer and then cover with new bark.  The three entrance planters and other common area strips will require over 50 yards of bark. 

Our trees and shrubbery outside of our fencing have taken a beating.  Two accidents on 132nd and one at the north gate have done some damage to our landscape, but we are hoping with replanting and TLC they will recover. We are reviewing the existing planting along 144th Ave S.E. and are considering replacing the overhanging photinia with more tasteful and permanent shrubbery.

Planting annual flowers will be limited to the outside front entrance signage and existing bowls near the gatehouse. We have incurred some unplanned expenses in other areas (electrical at guardhouse and both gates) so will attempt to limit expenses against the landscape budget in order to keep our total yearly assessments in line.


MVMA WEBSITE – Robert Steiner


In an effort to reduce costs, the Board is exploring the possible delivery of the MVMA Newsletters via e-mail and/or the MVMA website.  The MVMA website currently includes newsletters for the past four years, but another electronic way to deliver the newsletter would be by creating a pdf file of the newsletters and sending it out through the e-mail distribution list of MVCC residents.  The Board would like feedback from you regarding the possible change in the delivery of the Newsletter.  Please complete the following tear off form and return by one of the following options 1) the MVMA office, 2) the MVCC office, the Security Gate House, USPS mail to the MVMA office or email your comments to the MVMA office at  E-mail addresses will not be disclosed and mailing to residents will be kept to a minimum.





_____ I currently do not have an internet connection for the web or e-mail and would like to continue to receive Newsletters via the USPS mail delivery.


_____ I have internet connectivity, but prefer to receive Newsletters via the USPS mail delivery.


_____ I would be happy to receive the Newsletters via a pdf file or off the MVMA web.


_____ I really do not read the Newsletter and don’t care if I receive it.



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