This is our first newsletter for 2010 and I hope all residents had a wonderful holiday season.  At our annual meeting in December, Dale Mjelde and Jan Lewis were elected to the Board.  We lost two members, Terry Lavery and Jack Ottini, whose terms expired.  Terry provided service on both the Security and Architectural Committees.  Jack ended his fifth assignment as Board President.  I will repeat what I iterated at the annual meeting about Jack.  We thank him for his time and efforts over the many years of service that have made this community the success that it is.  It has been an extravagant gift and his time and devotion is truly appreciated by all.

            Please save this newsletter with the list of Board members, their phone numbers, e-mail addresses and committee assignments.  Remember, calling the guard house, the country club, golf shop, or the maintenance building will only delay reaching the proper Board member who can help you with your question or problem.




            In early December you all received your annual dues statement.  At the Annual Meeting the membership voted to increase annual dues $25 per year to $725.  This is the first increase in 3 years and is required to fund existing programs and continue to make added contributions to our Long Range Plan.  The payment was due on January 31, 2010.  If payment was not postmarked by this date then a 10% ($72.50) late fee will be assessed.  In addition an interest fee of 1.5% per month is charged on outstanding balances and remotes for the gates can be disabled until the dues, fee, and interest charges are paid in full.  Should a member not pay the annual dues, the MVMA Board can and has filed a lien against the property.  The Board will continue to work with those residents that contacted the Board before the due date to make arrangements for payment terms due to extraordinary circumstances.            

            Shannon & Associates are currently preparing our tax return and 2009 Financial Statement, which should be complete by the end of February.  If you did not get a copy of the 2010 budget at the December Annual Meeting, one is available on the MVMA website under Board minutes (


FACILITIES – Bill McLaughlin


            So far no snow – Hooray!!  With the heavy rains lately all of our storm drains appear to be working very well.  Please continue to clean any debris from drains near your home.  If you notice any drain that is not working properly, please call or e-mail me.


SECURITY – Dale Mjelde


            December and January went well, let’s hope it stays that way.  As always it is best to obey all driving laws in our community.  Time lost by doing so can never get you out of Meridian Valley with a loss of no more than 90 seconds.

            Coyotes do live in our community, there are many daily sightings.  Please keep dog and cat food indoors at all times and takes care to keep all small pets in at night.




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Once again the holidays have come and gone.  We would like to express our appreciation to those residents who decorated their homes and yards for the holiday season as they helped put our community in a festive mood.  By the time you receive this newsletter, we expect everyone will have removed all exterior holiday decorations and lights.

The Architectural Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month to consider requests for exterior changes/additions to homes, exterior house painting, roof replacement (partial or complete) and satellite dish installation, as well as all landscaping projects, updates or renovations. Kindly submit your request in writing to the committee via e-mail or drop them off at the MVCC Clubhouse.  Request forms can be found on the MVMA website: as well as other helpful information.  Please include pictures, drawings, blueprints, color paint samples, etc., allowing the committee to understand the enhancements and improvements you desire to make.

Jan Lewis and Frank Wisdom are co-chairs of the committee this year and they greatly appreciate the commitment and faithfulness of our 2010 volunteer committee members: Sarah Davidson, Cora-Lynn Devlin, Terry Lavery, Jan Lewis, Jared Myers, Pat Mjelde, Joanne Ottini, and Mike Rucker. We also would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Randy McClaflin who elected to retire from the committee this year after providing nine years of dedicated and tireless service to our community.

The Spring-like weather that we've had is yielding the early arrival of those pesky weeds.  Thanks go out to many of you who are already being proactive in maintaining your landscaping.  We all benefit and appreciate our collective and continued commitment to the quality and excellence of our community.  If you have a tree(s) that you'd like removed, please contact one of the committee members prior to having it removed, we want to make sure that the tree(s) in question is actually on your property.




I am delighted to begin my third year as Common Grounds Chairman and I look forward to working with residents on common interests and landscaping issues concerning our community.

            The contract for the maintenance (mowing, pruning, fertilizing, planting, barking, leaf and debris clean-up) of the common grounds has been renewed with MYARD, Inc. (Chris Rodwell).  We enter this year with the streets, shrubbery, trees, and grass in good shape.  The new sprinkler system at the north gate will insure we have a healthy planter.  Do not hesitate to e-mail or call me if you see areas that need attention.


MVMA WEBSITE – Robert Steiner


The MVMA website provides residents with contact information, past minutes, newsletters, forms, policies and other information that MVCC residents could find helpful.  If you have not yet checked out the site, I encourage you do to so at:       

The e-mail distribution list currently includes about 60% of the MVCC residents.  E-mail distribution is used only to inform residents of items of interest/concern.  E-mail addresses are not shared.  If you are not currently on the distribution list, not sure if you are on the distribution list, would like to update your e-mail address or have your e-mail address removed from the distribution list, would you please e-mail that information to me or the MVMA office at