The attractiveness of the residences and the quality of life in Meridian Valley are a result of the By-Laws, the Declaration of Restrictions (DOR) and Covenants adapted in 1965. If you are a new or recent homeowner, I invite you to review the rules you agreed at closing or go to Included are the DORs, Policies, Construction Guidelines and other informative data relevant to the association.

As my term as President comes to a close, I give heartfelt thanks to the other Board members who have contributed to making Meridian Valley the great place that it is. The time and effort spent on architectural investigations and permits, promoting the restoration of the 12th hole creek, a continuing Internal Revenue audit and appeal process, perimeter property fence move and restoration, western property (Sikh Temple) storm sewer adaptation, and other MVMA matters have been significant. Besides thanking Jim, Bill, Dale, Jan, Frank and Ryan, I also want to give Jack Ottini special kudos for being available to help maintain continuity and provide guidance to all of our efforts.

We are experiencing both housekeeping and financial problems with abandoned properties.  Our treasurer has diligently pursued solutions to these as well as keeping our books in outstanding order.  We feel that we have a group of well qualified candidates who are running to replace the outgoing Board members.  New Board members will be announced at the December 14th general meeting.

I sincerely thank all homeowners for the continuing support of our association and wish you and your families an enjoyable holiday season and a healthy and prosperous 2011.


 FACILITIES – Bill McLaughlin


That time of year again when the leaves are falling.  The road sweeper will be in soon once we determine that most of the leaves are down.  Please clean any “storm drain” that may be in front of your home.  We don’t want leaves and pine needles clogging our storm drain system. 

Our gates have been operating very good lately, normal wear and tear.  With our maintenance contract, most problems are caught and fixed before they become a major problem.

There have been two or three street light failures over the last year; Puget Power is very quick to respond whenever I notify them of a needed repair.

We had great weather for Halloween; it was a good night for the kids.


REMINDER:  Please attend the General Membership meeting, Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 7:30 pm at the Meridian Valley Country Club.




            November 30th is the fiscal year-end for Meridian Valley Maintenance Association and on Tuesday Dec. 14th we will hold our Annual Meeting to announce newly elected officers and approve the 2011 Budget among other things.  In this report I would like to give you some advance information on what will be in the Treasurer’s Report at the Annual Meeting.


2010 Income is forecast to be $1,000 better than budget for the following reasons:

1.  MVMA had 4.5 delinquent accounts for which liens have been filed against

each property, we had budgeted 2 delinquent accounts leaving a net dues shortfall of $1,800. 

2.      This dues shortfall was offset by fee income of $3,000 for a storm water connection.

2010 Expenses are forecasted to be $9,000 below budget for the following reasons:

1.  Security expenses are estimated to be $12,800 below budget.  We deferred   replacing the Security mobile radios saving $3,800 and the other $9,000 in savings was due to cost controls in nearly every category.

2.      Roads, Fence & Gates estimated expenses are forecast to be $3,000 over budget.  This is a net of $7,000 extra costs for a major upgrade in our gate systems of both the North and South gates offset by a $4,000 savings due to no snow or sanding - thanks to a mild winter.

3.      Legal and Accounting costs are expected to be $3,400 over budget.  Accounting is over budget by $6,000 due to our ongoing IRS Audit (more about that below).  Our legal expenses are likely to come in $2,600 below budget.


The 2011 Proposed Budget provides for no increase in dues and holds operating costs to less than a 2% increase.  The budget provides for replacing mobile radios ($2,800), paying IRS taxes ($6,700) and making a contribution to MVMA Long Range Plan ($16,000).  It is a tight budget, but achievable based on past performance.

MVMA Long-Range Plan has a +8.6% return on investment through November 1, 2010 and a $6,000 contribution from our operations will be made at the end November 2010.  This brings the Long-Range Plan Balance to $279,000, which exceeds the 2010 Long Range Plan Target of $246,592.  Next year’s budget provides for a $16,000 contribution to the Long Range Plan and together with a forecasted return on investment of 4% would yield a year-end balance of $306,000 or 9% ahead of our Target Balance for year-end 2011.

In March of this year the IRS audited MVMA.  The agent was on site for an inspection of the property and the books.  MVMA responded to 4 requests for additional information to support our Tax-Exempt 501 (c) 4 statues.  On July 12th the IRS issued a Preliminary Finding with Proposed Action of revocation of our exemption from December 1, 2006.  MVMA and Shannon & Associates (our accountant) do not agree with this finding and have submitted additional arguments to support our position.  Next step is to arbitration or appeal.

            The 2011 Budget and 2010 Forecast will be included with your Annual Ballot.  I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting and would be happy to answer any of your questions.



                   253-639-1515 or cell 206-786-3715 

We would like to first thank all the committee members who have served this year on the Architectural Committee by attending our monthly meetings and performing a respectful and thoughtful review of each request submitted to the committee. They are as follows: Sarah Davidson, Terry Lavery, Pat Mjelde, Joanne Ottini and Mike Rucker.

            The Architectural Committee had another active year responding to requests from residents for improvements, remodels, and enhancements to their homes and landscaping.  The committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm in the boardroom of the Club House and you are welcome to attend.  Request forms can either be found on the MVMA Website or outside the MVMA office (next to the fitness center above the golf shop).  We all need to keep in mind that our DORs require that landscaping be maintained, grass mowed and edged, weeds eliminated, trees and shrubs pruned, dogs when off of your property must be on leash, their deposits removed and properly deposited in trash receptacles.  Also, all holiday external decorations need to be removed by mid-January.

            In closing, we want to thank all residents of Meridian Valley who help make this the great neighborhood that it is.  A special thank you goes to those residents who have submitted detailed requests for each of their exterior revisions and improvements. You help make the committee’s job easier by submitting your requests and obtaining approval ahead of starting work on your projects.


SECURITY – Dale Mjelde


This year things have gone well with the Security Department.  Coyotes: Remember keep all pet food inside and small pets in at night.  This next reminder is about speed limits and stop signs.  25 mph is our speed limit.  Stop signs are posted for you to stop at.  This is required by law and is for the safety of all who reside here in MVCC.  Pets are required by Policy and the Declaration of Restrictions to be on a leash.  When walking your pet be sure to be courteous and carry your pet’s deposits home with you in a plastic bag. 


MVMA WEBSITE – Robert Steiner


The MVMA website and e-mail distribution list remain the most expedient means to efficiently contact MVCC residents.  We use the e-mail distribution list for items of security and for general information which the Board feels will be useful to residents.  On occasion residents have objected to e-mails.  You have the option to remove your name from the distribution list if you do not wish to receive e-mails.  Send your request to be removed from the distribution list to or 

If you are not currently on the distribution list and would like to be added or wish to update your e-mail address, please send your e-mail address to the or  E-mail addresses are not shared.

The MVMA website provides residents with contact information, past minutes and newsletters, forms, policies and other information that MVCC residents could find helpful.  If you have not yet checked out the site, I encourage you do to so at:  The December 2009 MVMA Annual Meeting minutes are available on the website.




The year 2009 has not been a very good year for the landscape at Meridian Valley.  Weather and maintenance neglect led to some conditions that were not up to MVCC standards.  After interviewing eight separate landscape contractors, we selected a new company (Trent Allen of Meridian Turf & Landscape LLC) beginning in January 2011.  Emphasis will be placed on revamping the shrubbery along the S.E. 144th fence.  We planted 24 Emerald Green Arborvitae under the power line fence with very limited success.  We are now planning to replant the affected areas with Leyland Cypress, as well as removing more unsightly photinia plants.

            As I note at this time every year, we are entering the season of winter storms and falling leaf build-up.  We own the storm drainage system and it is the MVMA’s responsibility to keep it in proper working order.  Therefore, it is important to have helped to keep debris from entering the drain basins, which will reduce our cleaning expense and control the surface water.

            The appearance of our property is everyone’s responsibility, so please let us know of your observations or concerns.



MAIN GATE: accessible 24 hours

NORTH & SOUTH GATES: accessible with remotes 4:00 am to 10:00 pm