Summer has finally arrived at Meridian Valley.  The majority of residents have their homes and yards in excellent condition.  Those few, that have forgotten how rewarding yard work can be, will be receiving letters reminding them of the responsibility to maintain their yards.  Meridian Valley is a wonderful place to live and ALL residents must do their part to keep it as attractive as possible.

      We are starting the process of finding people to run for the MVMA Board.  Please contact any Board member if you are interested.  Board positions are for three years.

      Residents still call the golf course office if they have a problem or question.  In this newsletter you will find the phone numbers of all Board Members and the Gatehouse.  This information is also available on the MVMA website

       I received a nice letter from Meridian Elementary thanking us for allowing them to use our main loop road for their Annual Fun Run.  This event was held in June and is always fun to watch.




      Hopefully, all members of our fine community are enjoying the summer weather as well as the longer days. This time of year also is a busy time for the Architectural Committee as we processed 30 requests last month. If you are planning any landscaping changes, exterior home painting, remodeling, roof replacement, driveway revisions or installation of a satellite dish, you must request and obtain approval from the Architectural Committee before starting the project. All requests need to be written and can either be delivered to the MVCC Clubhouse to the attention of the Architectural Committee or emailed to the Architectural Committee Chairperson.

      Along with the nicer weather, shrubbery and weed growth seems to kick into high gear and if not dealt with can quickly overrun our planters and landscaping. Please take a look around your yard, remove all weeds and trim back any overgrown shrubs or trees with special attention to limbs extending past the curbing which may pose a risk for pedestrians. Also, each of us is responsible for the weed removal along the street curbing in front of our properties. All yard debris should be picked-up and deposited into a green waste or waste container. Clippings and leaves should never be blown into a neighbor’s property or onto the streets.  The debris entering our storm drain system will just end up costing us all more money to remove impacting our annual dues. For those who contract out your landscape maintenance to a company or individual, please advise them for proper disposal of all yard debris. Thank you all for your contributions to our great community.




      I am happy to report that all lots, except two, have paid in full and in a few cases with late fees and interest charges.  We have filed liens and are considering other collections measures with the mortgage companies for the two remaining lot, as these homes are not occupied.  We will continue to aggressively proceed with collections on these past due accounts.

      Our year-to-date expenses are on budget.   We expect to end the year within budget and to provide additional funding for the Long Range Plan.  Our Long Range Investment Account as of June 30, 2009 has a balance of $217,038.  The beginning balance was $209,322 or a net investment income of $7,716, a 3.7% return for the first half of the year.

      Tax returns have been filed and the internal audit has been scheduled for July.


SECURITY - Terry Lavery


      What a beautiful string of weather we have had this spring. I hope it is our payback for the miserable winter we experience this year. The weather conditions bring out our residents and their friends in groves. We are seeing more and more joggers, walkers and cyclists using our roads at all times of the day. In addition the Kent schools are out for the summer so we have more children in the roads. So for the second and last time during my term of office I’m going to plead for adherence to our speed limits and to stop at our stop signs. Our speed limit is 25 MPH. PLEASE observe and obey that limit.

      Our security system has been in operation now for well over 18 months and we have had very few issues with the gates and the cameras.  A number of remote control devices have been exchanged due to being inoperable but we are approaching that time frame when the batteries will need to be exchanged or replaced. The MVMA has contacted the manufacturer for instructions on how to exchange the batteries. These instructions are available at the guardhouse and on our MVMA web page. Finally, a copy can be requested from the MVMA office in the upstairs section of the Golf Pro shop at the clubhouse.

      We have had 5 reported incidents this year of mail being stolen or tampered with out of our mail boxes. It started in December during the period of snow when we had to keep our gates open for an extended period of time. I reported this occurrence in my last Security report. Since then we have had 4 others, the latest being 3 weeks ago. Please be vigilant and do not leave your mail box full of mail and if you go on vacation stop your mail or have someone pick it up and store it for you. If you see or find any mail in the gutter or see someone suspicious around the mail boxes call the security officers or 911.

      One of the benefits of the new security system is the quick access to our community by the Kent Police Department and the Kent Fire Department. It is called “click to enter” and as the name describes they just have to click their police frequency radios to open the gate. This allows faster access for emergencies and it has allowed more frequent patrols by the police. This helps supplement our regular nightly patrols.  I’m happy to report that we have had very few reported car/vehicle break-ins and I contribute that to these patrols.  I also believe that you have been more cognizant of locking your car/vehicles and storing items out of sight. Let’s not get complacent with our successes.

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jack Ottini and Dale Mjelde for assisting me with the operation of the south and north gates respectively, they have made my position a lot easier.

      The last subject I want to address is pets, specifically DOGS!  The security committee has received a number of complaints regarding neighbors’ dogs.  The MVCC Declaration of Restrictions (DOR) in Article VI, Section 6; Uses permitted and prohibited: c) No domestic animal of any kind shall be raised, kept or permitted upon the lot or condominium unit or any part there of other than dogs, cats and birds which are not kept, bred or raised thereon for commercial purposes or in unreasonable numbers and which are reasonably controlled to avoid their being a nuisance.  In addition, since we were annexed into the City of Kent, we follow their laws regarding dogs.  All dogs, at all times must be on a leash.  That includes late at night and early in the morning.  We follow the “Pooper Scooper” law, pick up after your dogs!  All dogs must be contained on your property by a dog run or invisible fence and not allowed to roam indiscriminately on your neighbors’ property, depositing “land mines”.   As you have read in our DOR’s, they CANNOT be a nuisance to our neighbors.  That means roaming in your neighbors’ yards or barking during the day and at night.  We have even received complaints from our neighbors outside our fence line about barking dogs! We have also received a number of complaints for residents about people walking their dogs on leashes, BUT allowing them to defecate and urinate in the yards, lawn and flower beds causing in some cases, the flowers/scrubs to die. I have also been reminded that the CATS in MVCC also present a problem and nuisance.


MVMA WEBSITE - Robert Steiner


      This past quarter, two e-mails were sent from the MVMA informing residents of 1) the Meridian Elementary Fun Run on the MVCC perimeter road and 2) the recent mail tampering of several MVCC residents.  Typically about 10 to 15 messages are returned as undeliverable because the e-mail address we have is no longer valid.  If you wish to continue to receive the infrequent e-mail messages from the homeowners association will you please inform us if you change your e-mail address.  You can do that by sending an e-mail message to the homeowners association at or to the webmaster at  Most Homeowner information is readily available on the website:  The MVMA website lists:


FACILITIES – Bill McLaughlin / Jack Ottini


      The storm drains are currently being inspected.  The cleaning and repair work will be done by the end of summer.  The Tony Lind Paving Company is finishing off the final sealing of the cracks and holes of our road system.  It is extremely important that we prevent rain or spring water from damaging the under surface of our roads. If you observe an opening or crack that has not been filled, let us know.  The stop lines and speed bumps will be painted in August.




      Grass and shrubbery are growing at an alarming rate and require constant maintenance.  We were very diligent in spreading bark last year and it looks like we only have to re-spread in a few areas.  We have planted the entrance planter bowls and the azaleas are in bloom at all of the gates.  The photinia damaged by our winter freeze have been removed from the fence line on 144th Ave. S.E.  We will replant this area in the fall with appropriate shrubbery when we can count on nature for regular water.  We are also investigating a sprinkler system for the planting area at the north gate.

      We have routinely surveyed the outer perimeter to assure that repairs are made to openings and damaged areas.  We are budgeting for new fence sections that are required in the future along the southern property next to the new housing developments.

      We had a very successful relationship with the Country Club in developing a very cost effective solution for signs to resemble the MVCC sign at the entrance to the clubhouse driveway.  We are waiting to determine if we need any additional annual planting to enhance the areas in front of the signs.

      During the past several months, I have attempted to understand the ramifications of heading up the MVMA Security position upon Terry Lavery’s departure.  This has involved working with the various security officers while spending time at the front gate.  It is evident to me that we have a very organized and dedicated security staff with an outstanding lead officer in Kim Sharrah.

      As in every year, a great help in reducing the costs of clean-up and possible flooding, is for residents to keep the storm drains near their properties free from leaf and debris build-up.  The City of Kent will survey the drains this month and we will then contract with a private company to pump those requiring this service, soon afterward.  This procedure occurs about every three years.

      Soon we will be spreading some bark and fertilizing the common grounds.  Flower planting and some shrub replacement will follow.   If you have any questions or concerns, please call or e-mail me.


MERIDIAN VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB:  Craig McCrone, General Manager


      The Meridian Valley Community is a jewel, an oasis, in the Kent/South Sound region and the Meridian Valley Country Club is the crown root of this very special place. The relationship between the community and the club goes all the way back to the mid 1960's when a group of "founding fathers" had the common vision of building a world class golf course surrounded by a high end private community. Since that time, the Club and the Homeowners Association have worked hand in hand creating and maintaining this wonderful secret in the south end.  The dream these men had all those years ago is thriving!  

      If you are not familiar with the Country Club you should come over and pay us a visit.  We are not just a golf club. Social membership at MVCC opens the doors to many wonderful events and opportunities, just moments away from your home.  Our restaurant offers a diversity of menu options and is certainly one of the best restaurants in our area. We also offer a great many fun social events throughout the year including: Children's Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Brunch, 9 hole golf twilight events, Glow Ball Golf, Mother's Day Brunch, Father's Day BBQ Dinner, Children's Christmas Party and among many other events the annual Holiday party which is a complimentary event that brings our membership together for an annual celebration. Upcoming on July 25th is Jimmy Buffet Night, a nine hole twilight that is open to ALL members.  If you would like to visit the Club and take a "test drive" please give me a call.  I would be delighted to introduce you to all that we offer.


NOTICE:  We have had a few mailboxes disturbed.  Please retrieve you mail as soon as possible and if you are not home, ask a neighbor to take you mail in or have the Post Office hold it for you.    ALSO, there are coyotes in the area.  Please keep your animals inside and don’t leave food outside.  Steps are being taken to have them relocated.



MAIN GATE:  accessible 24 hours      NORTH & SOUTH GATES:  accessible 4:00 am until 10:00 pm