Families, or individuals, move into MVCC for the attractiveness of the homes and properties, the security of a patrolled, gated community, and the added property value because of the golf course.  The attractiveness of the homes and properties are a result of the By-Laws, the Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants that were adopted when the MVCC was created in 1965.  When you moved into this community and signed the closing papers you agreed to give up some freedom to remodel or landscape without getting approval of the Architectural Committee.  A continual problem faced by the Architectural Committee is the decision by homeowners to make changes to their residence or of landscaping without seeking approval of the Committee.  This can lead to the homeowner being asked to undo the changes to assure they are in compliance with the DOR’s.  PLEASE, plan ahead and submit any remodeling or other changes to your property well in advance of when you plan to make those changes.

            As 2009 comes to a close, I would like to thank the Board members for the time and effort they put into keeping Meridian Valley the top residential area to live in the Puget Sound area.  To Terry, Jim, Ed, Frank, Bill, and Ryan I say “Thank You”.  To the members of the Architectural Committee I say “Thanks” for the many hours of work.  It has been my pleasure to work with all of you these past three years.




After a wonderful summer we have entered the season of winter storms and falling leaf buildup.  As we always iterate, it is extremely helpful and cost beneficial to keep debris from entering our drainage system.  On July 15th of this year, we had our routine drainage facility inspected.  There was an excessive amount of debris/sediment in 94 basins, 19 needed some degree of re-grouting and several others required some type of rework/repair.  Cleaning the drains is an every third year expense ($10,000 or more) and with your help and cooperation we can minimize this budget item.

            We have removed all the old unsightly photinia stumpage along the 144th Ave S.E. fence line.  We then replanted 24 Emerald Green Arbivitae, purchased from Costco at a below wholesale price.  The shrubbery should grow nearly a foot per year and can be pruned later for height management.  We have made an effort to limit tree branch overhang which interferes with vehicular street traffic and pedestrian viewing.

            We manually watered the north gate planter during our summer drought, with the help of several homeowners.  In late August, we installed a 4 zone sprinkler system with 33 heads to alleviate this problem and save our existing plants.

            Several of you have either e-mailed or called me with your observations or concerns.  I appreciate your efforts and remain open to any suggestions or comments you may have.



            November 30th is the fiscal year-end for Meridian Valley Maintenance Association and on Tuesday, December 8th we will hold our Annual Meeting to elect new officers and approve the 2010 Budget among other things.  In this report I would like to give you some advance information on what will be in the Treasurer’s Report at the Annual Meeting.

*Forecasted 2009 Income experienced a shortfall from budget by $3,740 for the following reasons:

  1. Two delinquent accounts for which liens have been filed against each property.
  2. Interest income from money market account has dropped to nearly 0%.  As a result, MVMA has moved its operating account to First Savings Bank Northwest (Renton) where our current annual interest income is 1.5%.  This will add about $1,700 to next year’s income.

*Forecasted 2009 Expenses are about $6,000 below budget for the following reasons:

1.      We deferred replacing the Security Pickup $15,000 in 2009 Budget until Jan. 2010 (it is included in 2010 budget).

2.      We spent $7,000 to add sprinkler system to North Gate planting strip, which had not been budgeted but was a necessary improvement.

3.      Every three years we inspect and repair the storm drain system to the City of Kent standards.  This was budgeted at $12,000 and actual cost was $10,000.

4.      Ceder Point Development, which is to the South of Lots 258 through Lots 263, has been completed and lots are in the process of being sold.  MVMA’s original perimeter fence in that area was not correctly on the property line.  MVMA resurveyed the line and is having the fence relocated on the property line.  Cost estimated to be $9,000, which was not budgeted.

5.      Insurance came in $4,400 under budget.  All other costs were on budget.

The 2010 Budget calls for a $25 annual increase in Annual Dues from $700 per year to $725 per year.  This is our first increase in three years.  Our 2010 Budget includes replacing the Security Pickup, mobile radios and usual maintenance of gates, computers, signs, etc. 

Our Long-Range Plan has had about a 15%+ return on investment in 2009 and a $5,000 contribution from our operations will be made in November 2009.  This brings the Long-Range Plan Balance to $246,000, which exceeds the 2009 Long Range Plan Target of $202,318.  Next year’s budget would provide for a $6,000 annual contribution to the Long Range Plan and a target year-end balance of $246,592.

            A detailed 2010 Budget and 2009 Forecast was included with your Annual Ballot and is posted on the MVMA website under minutes.  I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting and would be happy to answer any of your questions.


FACILITIES – Bill McLaughlin / Jack Ottini


The boundary fence south of 251st is being relocated on the property line.  The original fence was 2” to 6” off when installed.  The area affected is about 750 feet.

Fall is here and the leaves are falling.  The street sweeper will clean roads by the first of December.  If everyone would check the storm drain in front of their home and keep it free from leaves it really helps the flow of rain water. 

Halloween was a very quiet evening – no problems or complaints were reported.

Winter snow!!!  I hope not like last year!!!  We will sand the roads as we have in past years.  If there is 2” to 4” of snow we have additional equipment to hire to plow the road system.

SECURITY - Terry Lavery


            As winter darkness is now upon us, we must become increasingly aware of the interaction between homeowner walkers and drivers.  This is our community, our streets, and our neighbor’s homes that some of you are speeding past; you are endangering the lives of our children, our residents, our pedestrians, and our joggers.  We strongly urge that walkers wear some type of reflective clothing and adhere as closely as possible to the curbing (which is also a good habit in daylight hours).  This is to make you more visible to the drivers of vehicles. Drivers should be especially alert near curves and corners and OBSERVE the 25 mph speed limit.  We have a 100% non-accident record between autos and pedestrians and want to keep it that way.

The security system has been in place for over 18 months.  It has been working seamlessly to date unless you are one of the residents that had one of the remotes that did not work consistently.  To those residents, I apologize and I hope the exchange of your defective remote went flawlessly. In addition we are reaching the end of the battreceived a number of complaints regarding DOGS specifically neighbors’ dogs.  The MVCC Declaration of Restrictions (DOR) in Article VI, Section 6; Uses permitted and prohibited: c) No domestic animal of any kind shall be raised, kept or permitted upon the lot or condominium unit or any part there of other than dogs, cats and birds which are not kept, bred or raised thereon for commercial purposes or in unreasonable numbers and which are reasonably controlled to avoid their being a nuisance.  In addition, since we were annexed into the City of Kent, we follow their laws regarding dogs.  All dogs, at all times must be on a leash when walked.  That includes late at night and early in the morning.  We follow the “Pooper Scooper” law, pick up after your dogs!  All dogs and cats must be contained on your property by a dog run or “invisible fence” and not allowed to roam indiscriminately on your neighbors’ property, depositing “land mines”.  Dogs and cats are an integral part of our life style, but as you have read in our DOR’s they CANNOT be a nuisance to neighbors.  That means roaming in your neighbors’ yards or barking during the day and at night.  We have even received complaints from our neighbors outside our fence line about barking dogs!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow Board members for their support and assistance during my term on the Board. I wish the remaining members the best of luck for the remainder of their terms and my deepest gratitude for the time and effort it takes in keeping the MVCC community as the premier community in King County.

MVMA WEBSITE - Robert Steiner


This Newsletter and the newsletters for the past three years are available on the MVMA website along with monthly Board Meeting minutes, Annual Meeting minutes, and the proposed yearly budget.  Board and Architectural Committee contact information and the DOR’s, Board Policies and other forms are also available on the website.  We try to make MVMA Homeowner information readily available.  If you have not yet checked out the site, I encourage you do to so at:

The MVMA e-mail distribution list currently includes about 60% of the MVCC residents.  E-mail distribution is used only to inform residents of items of interest/concern.  E-mail addresses are not shared.  If you are not currently on the distribution list, not sure if you are on the distribution list, would like to update your e-mail address or have your e-mail address removed from the distribution list, would you please e-mail that information to the MVMA office at or to




            I would like to first thank all the committee members who have served this year on the Architectural Committee by attending our monthly meetings and performing a respectful and thoughtful review of each request submitted to the committee. They are as follows: Sarah Davidson, Terry Lavery, Jan Lewis, Randy McClaflin, Jared Myers, Pat Mjelde, Joanne Ottini and Mike Rucker.

            The Architectural Committee had another active year responding to requests from residents for improvements, remodels, and enhancements to their homes and landscaping.  The committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm in the boardroom of the Club House and you are welcome to attend.  Request forms can either be found on the MVMA Website or outside the MVMA office (next to the fitness center above the golf shop).  We all need to keep in mind that our DOR’s require that landscaping be maintained, grass mowed and edged, weeds eliminated, trees and shrubs pruned, dogs when off of your property must be on leash, their deposits removed and properly deposited in trash receptacles.

            In closing, I want to thank all residents of Meridian Valley who help make this the great neighborhood that it is.  A special thank you goes to those residents who have submitted detailed and complete requests against each of their exterior revisions and improvements. You help make the committee’s job easier by submitting your detailed requests and obtaining approval ahead of starting work on your projects.


BRAVO!!!! to our local fire and ambulance department.  One of our residents reported a need to call 911 for an aid car.  They arrived at the home in less than four minutes!!  It is reassuring to know that when we need help, emergency vehicles are able to get into our neighborhood quickly.


Please attend the General Membership meeting:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 7:30 pm

Meridian Valley Country Club




GUARDHOUSE phone # 253-631-2225

MAIN GATE:  accessible 24 hours     

NORTH & SOUTH GATES:  accessible 4:00 am until 10:00 pm