Your Board has been busy dealing with all the ongoing day-to-day issues that are involved in a community of over four hundred residential units.  We also spend a lot of time addressing new situations that come up in our community.  Our current August Newsletter will give you some insight into these operational issues.  My thanks to the Board for their many hours of service.
         We are starting the process of filling two vacancies for next year’s Board and would ask that all of you give some serious consideration to serving these very important positions.  If you are interested or would like to recommend someone for a position on the 2009 MVMA Board, please contact any of the current Board members.  Board positions are for three years.
         As noted in previous newsletters, many of the Policies of this community are detailed on our MVMA website.  With the upcoming fall political season please remember that the display of political campaign signs is restricted in our community.  Only one sign of any kind per lot is allowed.  A campaign sign may be displayed in your yard for no more than three weeks prior to any election/voting day (primary or general election) and must be removed immediately after that election/voting day.
         Thanks again to all of you who are continuing to improve your Meridian Valley property and make this a great community in which to live.      


            As this years Chair I want to thank our neighbors who volunteer to serve as members of the Architectural Committee.  Complete contact information for each member is available on the MVMA website (   I encourage you to check out this site for all the current policies, guidelines and Declaration of Restrictions (DOR’s)
            Our community has 384 single-family lots and 42 condo units.  There are only three empty lots so the focus of the Architectural Committee in on remodels, maintenance and landscape issues to the exterior of your homes.  As a reminder if you are planning to change or update the exterior of your home or landscaping, prior Architectural Committee approval is required.  You may download from the website application forms or get a copy from the MVMA office (next to the new fitness center at the club house).  The committee meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7PM in the boardroom of the Club House and you are welcome to attend.
            The landscaping has been maturing and in some cases is overgrowing.  I would remind all members of the community of Article VI Section 5 of the DOR’s, which require that landscaping be maintained, grass mowed and edged, weeds eliminated and shrubs and trees pruned.  In some cases trees and shrubs need to be removed, especially where they have now grown to such an extent as to block views of neighbors.  Under Article VI Section 7 of the DOR’s “view of other members shall be preserved to the greatest extent reasonably possible”, this includes limiting the height of trees and vegetation.  So if those trees that were planted 30 years ago are now blocking out the sun and views of neighbors please consider pruning or removing.  It only requires a single signature of any Architectural Committee member for approval and if a tree is removed we require that the stump be ground or removed.  Thank in advance for your cooperation.  Any questions or concerns I welcome your call or e-mail.

SECURITY - Terry Lavery

The security system has been in place for over 6 months now.  It has been working seamlessly to date unless you are one of the residents that have had one of the remotes that did not work consistently.  To those residents, I apologize and I hope the exchange went flawlessly.  We have been working with Pacific Fire and Security to tweak the system and give the remotes more range so that they will open the gates from longer distance.  In addition we have been working with them to obtain remote access devices that are more reliable and operate each and every time you use them.
            A reminder to you that the remotes should be aimed at the camera pylons and held for 2-3 seconds then released when the gates start to open.  A second reminder to you that the north and south “Residents Only” gates are operational with your remotes from 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Before and after those hours of operation, you have to use the main entrance for access.
            We have not had any reports of car prowling or break-ins since my last report.  Maybe the weird weather we have had this year has had something to do with that or I hope we have listened to the warnings and kept our vehicles locked and our possession and purchases out of view.  Great job and please continue with that process and I hope I don’t have any reports of theft or vandalism in the future.
            The MVMA recently borrowed some radar guns from the city if Kent, I used the gun on 142nd SE near the south gate and I’m happy to report that there were NO speeders on that day. Thank you and please continue to obey the speed limit of 25 MPH and STOP at the stop signs.
            The last subject I want to address is pets, specifically DOGS! We, the security committee, have received a number of complaints regarding DOGS specifically neighbors’ dogs.  The MVCC Declaration of Restrictions (DOR) in Article VI, Section 6; Uses permitted and prohibited: c) No domestic animal of any kind shall be raised, kept or permitted upon the lot or condominium unit or any part there of other than dogs, cats and birds which are not kept, bred or raised thereon for commercial purposes or in unreasonable numbers and which are reasonably controlled to avoid their being a nuisance.  In addition, since we were annexed into the City of Kent, we follow their laws regarding dogs.  All dogs, at all times must be on a leash.  That includes late at night and early in the morning.  We follow the “Pooper Scooper” law, pick up after your dogs!  All dogs must be contained on your property by a dog run or invisible fence and not allowed to roam indiscriminately on your neighbors’ property, depositing “land mines”.  Dogs are an integral part of our life style, as you have read in our DOR’s they CANNOT be a nuisance to our neighbors.  That means roaming in your neighbors’ yards or barking during the day and at night.  We have even received complaints from our neighbors outside our fence line about barking dogs!
            If you see a commercial vehicle stopped at the north or south gates, please direct them to the main entrance.  You may escort them to your property, but we would prefer they enter at the main gate.   

FACILITIES - Jack Ottini

            All elements of our updated gate system have been finished and are working very well.  The computer program is a definite improvement over the old system.  The camera system is proving to be a valuable addition.  It allows the guard at the main gate to monitor activities at all three gates.
            The perimeter fence south of 251st Street needs some repair work.  The existing fence has broken or missing barbwire, posts, and top rails that are bent and must be repaired.  We are currently getting bids from contractors.  Those residents adjoining the fence will be notified before the work begins.
            A dozen storm grates have been replaced with a new style of high volume grate that should reduce the amount of water that backs-up on our roads in low areas during heavy rains.

MVMA WEBSITE - Robert Steiner

To access our website go to and click on the appropriate link.  It is a convenient way that minutes of Board Meetings, policy statements, Newsletters, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of Board members and Architectural Committee members are readily available to you.


To: MVMA Board of Trustees and MVMA Association Members

Subject: Results of Review of 2008 MVMA Financial Records and Plans

Attachments: Copies of 2008 expense account details, 2008 budget and performance, Long-range plan record.

The undersigned convened at 10:00 a.m., July 18, 2008 and reviewed the fiscal year 2008 accounts of Meridian Valley Maintenance Association to assess their general validity and to delineate any identified issues requiring attention. Further purposes were to review and provide comments on the long-range capital replacement investment approach. The attached materials were provided for our review.

We concluded the following from our review:

1.  Fiscal 2007 Balance Sheet 2.  Fiscal 2007 P & L vs. Actual  3.  YTD 2008 Balance Sheet 4.  YTD 2008 P & L plus all check and deposit registers and documentation.

General accounts validity:

Based on our general review it appears that accounts are accurate and reasonably stated
Recommendation: remove fully depreciated items from Balance Sheet.

Long-range capital replacement plan:

Recommendation: formal evaluation of roads to validate Long Range Plan replacement schedule.
Recommendation: review security vehicle requirements to reduce expense (fuel and time) and capitalize on the improvements of the new system’s  enhanced reporting and cameras.

Other observations:

Recommendation: Invest 2008 over budget surplus monies in Long Range Plan in addition to the 2008 annual contribution of $28, 029, while the market is at bargain pricing.

Signed by

_______________________       ______________________     _____________________
Gerald Oppliger                            Richard Metz                             Michael McCarty


Lots of early spring rain, followed by a sunny July, has grass and shrubbery growing at an alarming rate.  Mowing, pruning (trees and shrubs), leaf and debris clean-up and replacement of dying photinia, we hope, have all contributed to keeping a well groomed landscape within the Meridian Valley grounds.  We recently spread nearly 70 yards of bark in selected areas that has contributed to that appearance.
            Outer fence repair in several areas has required new stand-offs and stretching and replacement of fencing materials. We attempt to routinely survey the outer perimeter to assure that repairs are made to openings and damaged fencing areas.
            We have worked very closely with both the Facilities Committee and the Country Club in developing a cost effective solution for enhancing the existing front entry signs to resemble the MVCC sign at the entrance to the clubhouse driveway.  Several issues had to be addressed other than costs, including fire hydrant location, landscaping, lighting, and the future accommodation of the 132nd Avenue S.E. widening project. 
            I would repeat my earlier request to the residents, as we move toward the falling leaf period, that they keep the storm drains near their properties, free from leaf and debris build-up.