Members of the Board have been visiting other gated communities in order to research our continuing project to upgrade our new gate system with video cameras.  When we finish our study, we will invest in the necessary upgrade.  We have learned that lathough we have had our problems, when compared to other private gated communities the Meridian Valley security system is far better than many others.  According to the Kent Police Department our community fairs much better than the rest of the  Kent Municipality.  What we have here at Meridian Valley Country Club is a private gated residential and golf club community with good security; but not complete security.


Late payment of Annual Dues – Is it worth it?

The great majority MVMA residents pay their annual dues on time and your volunteer Board members thank you for your prompt attention.  What determines an on-time payment is: 

        Best way – mail USPS, and mail early.

        Those residents that pay late are assessed:

  1. 10% late fee ($70 dollars in 2007)

  2. Card/remote gate access is turned off until payment for dues, late fees, andinterest are received.  Community access is only through the main gate

  3. 1 1/2% monthly interest is charged on unpaid balances

The Board has and will continue to work with those residents that contact the Board before the due date to make arrangements for payment terms due to extraordinary circumstances.

COMMON GROUNDS  -  Ron Arntson

Chris Rodwell was kept busy during the snow and windstorms with general clean-up tasks this past month.  The wind damaged trees, along the fence line parallel to the fourth fairway, were removed.  The dead pyramidalis shrubs were removed from the area adjacent to the boundary fence that borders the Temple property.  This area seems to be a depository for cans and bottles.  This has been cleaned up.  The contract for maintenance of the common grounds has been renewed with Myard.  Replacement of one of our trees in the landscape island has been completed.  The truck that caused the damage has been billed.

ARCHITECTUAL COMMITTEE  -  Jan Lewis / Terry Lavery
         253-639-1515 or 206-786-3715   

        All those snowy, icy, and powerless days yielding an early spring?!  I’m beginning to observe the budding-out of some flowers, shrubs and trees.
        Spring means cleaning and sprucing up of lawns and flower beds.  It is a time when exterior home improvement/updating projects generally begin.  As a reminder, if you are planning to change/update the exterior of your home or landscaping, prior Architectural Committee approval is required.
        The Architectural Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month, at 7:00 p.m.  We are currently meeting in the lower level of the new club facility.  Cheryl Havener continues to be our contact person throughout the week and is available in the club office on Monday mornings.  So if you have a project and need to leave samples of paint, drawings, etc., she’ll accept your requests, for committee review.
        Trades people get busier this time of year, and as a committee we are sensitive to your timelines.  Please plan ahead so that we can be as responsive and helpful as possible.  In past years, during the spring and summer months, having 20+ requests submitted to the committee each meeting is common place.
        Information, guidelines, and submission forms are available on our community website.  If you have any questions or concerns, I welcome your call.

Remember to trim back the trees and shrubs that are growing into the streets. 

MVMA WEBSITE -  Robert Steiner

Hopefully you have checked out the MVMA website.  Although the website has private sections, the username and password are common and much easier to remember.  The username is mvma and the current password is also mvma.  The url of the MVMA website is:
        Maintaining a current e-mail distribution list of MVCC residents is an ongoing challenge.  We don’t send out many e-mail messages to residents, but it is a very convenient way to quickly communicate information about safety issues, road and gate conditions, etc.  Currently we have e-mail addresses for about 50% of the MVCC residents and in some cases two e-mail addresses for the same residence.   We assure you the e-mail addresses are used only by MVMA and we will not inundate you with e-mail messages.  We do need for you to inform us of changes you make in your e-mail address so our list is always current.  New or updated e-mail addresses can be e-mailed to the MVMA office at or to

SECURITY  -  Terry Lavery

        Criminal activity inside the community was on the rise this month.  There were four automotive break-ins that were not reported to security.  When and if possible all vehicles need to be parked in the garage, but when parked in driveways, be sure they are locked and all items of value removed.  This will hopefully slow down the crimes of opportunity.
        There also was a drug bust conducted by the DEA at Lot #73.  It turned out that the home was being used as a “Safe House” for the drug organization.  There were no drugs or meth involved or found.

FACILITIES  -  Jack Ottini

The last three months tested us with three wind storms and two snow storms.  We SURVIVED!!!  Craig Benson’s crew did a great job of sanding the trouble spots on our road system.  The major hills and areas around the three gates were sanded frequently.  Remember, if snow and ice shut down the hill inside the main gate, we will open the north and south gates for easier access.
        The wind storms caused little damage with only four trees blown down.  The main problem was all the debris on the roads from trees.  Chris Rodwell did a great job of cleaning the roads.  Four sign posts were blown over by the winds.  New posts have been installed.
        The fence system was repaired in two places and four street lights were fixed.
        If you report a problem to the Guard at the main gate, PLEASE give your name and phone number to the guard.  This will allow us to talk to you if we need more information or to tell you about the problem.



      MAIN GATE:  accessible 24 hours
      NORTH & SOUTH GATES:  accessible with cards 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.


    Board Meetings                2nd Wednesday of month
    Architectural Meetings      1st Wednesday of month
    Annual Meeting               2nd Tuesday in December

All meetings are held at the Meridian Valley Country Club unless posted otherwise.