I truthfully have enjoyed my three years on the Board.  I’ve worked with some very special people, who have given so many hours of their time to this community.  With them we all have tried to keep your interests in mind at all times.
        The new gate entrance – exit system is being put in place to add security and not for added convenience.
        Be sure to vote for two of the four nominees running for the Board.  A ballot was mailed to you in November, if you have not received it, please call the office at 253- 631-3131.    

ARCHITECTUAL COMMITTEE  -  Janet Lewis / Terry Lavery

        We had an active year, yet again, responding to regular requests from residents for improvements, remodels, and enhancements to their homes and landscaping.  With the expansion and evolution in building products, materials and styles, our residents continue to take pride in their homes and community.
        With weather pattern changes, freezing temperatures, last December’s snow and this spring’s early warm period, we have all been challenged collectively with weeds and tree maintenance.  For those who planned to replace their roof or repaint, patience was required, awaiting a dry period.
        Our volunteer committee has respectfully and thoughtfully considered requests submitted to the committee.  The committee members were: Jeff Korn, Randy McClaflin, Frank Wisdom, Mike McCarty, Marisa Conner, Trisha Lavery, along with recent additions Sarah Davidson and Mike Rucker. When homes were noted to be in need of maintenance repair or landscaping attention, reminder letters were sent out.  In most instances residents were quick to address the concern. Weather patterns proved to be problematic in many instances.  We are appreciative of those who graciously accepted our word of notation and concern.
        I completed the remaining two-year term of a previous Board member who was unable to complete the term.  I am thankful for the opportunity to contribute to and serve our community.  I also want to thank our volunteers who tirelessly gave of their time to serve.

FACILITIES  -  Jack Ottini

        All facilities are in good shape.  There have been no major issues in the last five months, just the normal problems – broken signposts and missing reflectors on the roads.  Gate malfunctions have been minimal.
        Chris Rodwell did a good job cleaning the roads after the October windstorm.  The leaves are off the trees now and the roads were cleaned Thanksgiving week.  We replaced ten storm drain lids with a new design that will accept more water.  These were installed in low areas to reduce standing water.  I would ask all residents who have a storm drain in front of their property to keep leaves off the drain.
        We remodeled the counter and storage area inside the gatehouse prior to installation of our new security system.
         I am working with the Fire and Police Departments to upgrade the system they use to enter our property.  It will be integrated with our security improvements.

SECURITY  -  Terry Lavery

        We continue to have reports of car prowlers in our community.  The incidents have declined since I last reported it to you in the August Newsletter, but unfortunately, there are still occurrences in our community.  So, basic common sense should prevail at all times.  PLEASE, lock all vehicles that are in your driveway overnight, put valuables out of sight and keep your garage doors closed at night.
     We had a fire in a residence in the south part of our community.  The residence was for sale and was unoccupied at the time.  Fortunately, nobody was injured by the fire but substantial damage was done to the home and interior furnishings that were “staged” in order to help sell the home.  None of the surrounding homes sustained any damage as a result of this fire.  This is a testament to the quick response of the Kent Fire Department. Additional Fire trucks were called in to assist from Maple Valley and Covington Fire Departments.  The cause of the fire has been identified as an electrical fire started by a heat lamp or light fixture in the master bathroom.
        By the time you read this letter we will have completed the installation of most of the components for our new security system.  It is being installed by Pacific Fire & Security; this system will bring MVCC into the 21st century with real time security and surveillance.  We have chosen to discard the remotes and reader cards and go with a new type of reader device that is called a memory stick.  This device can be placed in your car on the dashboard, attached to the windshield, or rearview mirror; it is also transferable between your vehicles.  As you approach the gates the external memory reader (on a pole) will read your memory stick in/on your vehicle and open the gates automatically for you.  You do not have to push anything (remotes or Homelink buttons) or wind down your car window (reader cards) anymore.  Unfortunately, for those of you that have programmed your “Homelink” buttons they will cease to operate when the new system is operational.  At present we have over 1800 active remotes, Homelinks and reader cards in service for our 426 houses/condominiums.  In addition we are also installing a digital camera system at all the gates which will give us real time surveillance especially at the “residents only” north and south gates.  This is a good time for you to review your access profiles and make sure it’s up to date with your individual requirements.  You will be asked to fill out new information sheets in order to exchange your remotes/card readers for the new memory sticks.  We ask that you give this new security system the opportunity to achieve its full potential before you start to complain.  If you do have complaints, they should be addressed to the MVMA Board and NOT the security officers.  There were a number of residents that expressed their concerns about the new system; those concerns were taken into consideration when we implement this system.  The MVMA Board feels that those concerns have been addressed with this new system.  In order to keep MVCC as the community of choice in the south end of King County, we chose “security over convenience” and we feel the majority of the residents feel that way.
        Finally, I would like to remind you SPEEDERS that the posted speed limit is 25 MPH so please do not exceed that speed. We have STOP signs at our intersections. Those signs mean exactly that - STOP.  We are back on Pacific Standard Time and it is dark when most of you go to work and dark when most of you come home, please pay close attention to our large number of pedestrians/walkers that use our roads to exercise at all times of the day or night. Let ALL of us keep MVCC as a safe and vibrant community to live in.

REMEMBER:  Lock your cars, close garage doors, obey stop signs, and the speed limit!!  Please pick up your dog’s deposits – all homeowners would appreciate this consideration.

MVMA WEBSITE  -  Robert Steiner

        The website continues to be a convenient way that minutes of Board Meetings, policy statements, Newsletters, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of Board Members and Architectural Committee members are readily available to you.  If you have not done so yet, I encourage you to check out the website to see what is there.  The url of the MVMA website is:  The username is mvma and the current password is also mvma.
        Meridian Valley Country Club has changed providers for their DLS internet connection.  The new provider is Eschelon.  This change necessitated a new e-mail address for MVMA.  The new e-mail address is
        Although e-mail distribution to MVCC residents is not used a great deal it is the fastest and least expensive way to contact residents in Meridian Valley with announcements and security issues.  If you are not currently on the distribution list and would like to be, please let me know ( or and you will be added to the list.  Likewise if you wish to be removed from the list, also notify me at the above e-mail address.  Most importantly if you have or will be changing your e-mail address, please notify me so that I can update your e-mail address.


        For MVCC residents who are not members of Meridian Valley Country Club, you may not be fully aware of the 6.6 million dollar facelift of the MVCC Clubhouse and the new golf shop.  The project, started last winter, was completed in July.  The remodel stimulated increased interest in MVCC memberships and the golfing membership reached full subscription over the summer.  Social memberships are also up.   The club is now open regularly for dinner 4 nights a week, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, lunch every day except Monday and breakfast is available on the weekends.  The club is a great social and golfing resource for Meridian Valley.  If you are not currently a member of MVCC, I encourage you to Check Us Out.  What a great place, so close to home to dine and bring your friends.  As an incentive for you to check out Meridian Valley Country Club, the club is offering the opportunity for you to come to the club during the month of February to enjoy a meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Bring the completed coupon with you and receive 20% off your total bill.  If you would like to take advantage of the MVCC dining opportunity, please call the club (631-3131) and inform them when you will be coming.

Meridian Valley Country Club 20% off Dining Coupon

For use in February 2008 (one per MVCC Address)

Name  ______________________________________________________________________

Street Address________________________________________________________________

Phone Number _______________________________________________________________


        BE sure to attend our annual meeting at the Country Club on Tuesday December 11th at 7:30 pm.  Minutes of the 2006 Annual Meeting are available on the MVMA Website.  One week after this meeting, the yearly invoice will be mailed to each homeowner.  If you do not receive one, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to contact the MVMA office or a Board member.  The payment is due by January 15, 2008.

COMMON GROUNDS  -  Ron Arntson

        The common grounds came through in good shape, because of the excellent service provided by Myard Inc.  The common grounds are comprised of 1) the three gate areas inclusive of the strips between the city streets and our perimeter fences 2) the east perimeter along 144th Ave. SE 3) the island in the cul-de-sac on the west end of 142nd Ave. SE and 4) the west perimeter along 133rd Ave. SE.  The dead pine tree in the north island will be removed and replaced with an appropriate replacement.  Replacement of the dead or dying shrubbery along the perimeter road across from the fourth fairway will begin in December.  Winterization of the main island sprinkler system has been completed.


        2007 has been a busy year for MVMA beginning with the closing of our office last December and moving to a temporary space until our new office was ready in July.  Finally settled in our new space, attention was directed to our Long Range Plan Reserve and an Investment Policy Guideline for those funds.  A committee was appointed by the Board and their recommendations have been accepted and approved to become our investment policy guideline.  You may view this document on the MVMA website.
        The Board greatly appreciates the work committee members Peg Steiner, Jack Baush, and Ron Arntson put forth to accomplish this important task in meeting our future needs.  Below please note the “Projected 2007 fund balance” cash balance that will now be invested in a mix of equities, fixed income and cash in agreement with the Investment Policy Guideline.  Also, compare the appreciation of the Reserve balance from the 2006 statement. 

2006  LRP  reserve


 Long Range Plan Reserve balance as of 10/27/2006



Mutual Funds








Projected 2007 fund balance 


 Long Range Plan Reserve balance as of 10/26/2007




Mutual Funds






         MAIN GATE:  accessible 24 hours
            NORTH & SOUTH GATES:  accessible 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.