I hope you are all enjoying the great outdoors.  This time of year also means that our yards need a lot of tender, loving care.
        The Nominating Committee is working hard to find candidates to run for two Board positions for next year.  Try it, you’ll like it!  Vicki Jackson 253-630-5226 and Quentin Lee 253-631-5853 are chairing this committee.  Please contact one of them or me if you are willing to volunteer.
        Remember to lock your cars in the driveways and do not leave valuables in the auto.

SECURITY  -  Terry Lavery

        We have had a spate of prowlers in the community, who have been breaking into cars parked in driveways of homes and condominiums.  Some were break-ins; others were opening of unlocked vehicles doors and stealing items in the cars.  Although we are a “gated community” that just limits the access to our community; it does stop the people who want to access our community for ulterior motives.  Common sense should prevail at all times.   PLEASE, lock all vehicles, put valuables out of sight and keep your garage doors closed at night.  We have an average of five residences that are called every night as a result of our security’s “garage door” patrol.
         SPEEDING! – What can I say about this subject?  It has been addressed at every annual MVMA meeting, in every publication, and at every monthly Board meeting.  This is your community, these are your streets and most importantly, these are your neighbors that are walking our streets.  SLOW DOWN to 25 MPH and STOP at ALL stop signs.  If the current attitude prevails with some of our residents, we will bring either the Kent Police or a private enforcement agency to TICKET the speeders and the “California stoppers”.  BE WARNED!
        Inappropriately parked cars!  The MVMA Declaration of Restrictions specifies that cars are not to be parked on our street overnight.  They are to be parked in the garages, driveways, and/or approved parking areas at the residence.  If you have a need to leave a vehicle overnight on the street, PLEASE call the guard gate to tell them of your predicament and they will give you an exception for that evening/night.  You will save the security officer’s valuable time checking to see if you have submitted a request.
        In summary, MVCC is one of the premier communities in S.E. King County.  We have been informed by the Kent Police that our crime incidence is only a fraction of the occurrences outside the gates and fence.  We need to be smart and vigilant at the same time.  Report any suspicious activity and keep your personal and guest vehicles locked at all times.  Do not leave valuables in plain sight, do not give prowlers a reason to try and break into your vehicle.  Finally, do likewise for your residences, keep you garage doors closed at all times.
        Enjoy your summer at MVCC!


        YTD Expenses are below budget due, in part, to our increased annual dues to cover the expense of the new gate access system. 




Dec1, 06 – July 27, 07


Budget YTD




7040 · Lands & Maintenance







7100 · Roads, Gates & Fence







7150 · Office







7220 · Area Utilities







7260 · Legal & Accounting







7300 · Insurance







7310 · Security






Total Expense




New Gate Access Update

        With regard to the Gate Access System, we have been verifying the system’s capability, and are about to install the access software which will bring about our first direct expense.  As residents of MVCC the new system will look a lot like our current system so far as the cards and remotes go, however that is where the comparison ends. 
Many of you will have noticed the new signs on the North and South gates (both on in and out gates).  This is in preparation for the security improvements coming. 
The new access software will permit real time monitoring of all gate traffic rather than the current system’s hourly downloads of batched activity and visibility at only the Main Gate.  Real time information of gate traffic coupled with new video cameras at all gates will allow us to match and verify gate or remote information with a picture of the owner/resident’s vehicle.  Vehicles not matching their card/remote information will have the card or remote used deactivated.  The cameras will permit MVMA to capture non-resident vehicle’s license numbers and through the DMV contact the vehicle owner if the trespassing is chronic or to trace any vehicle when necessary.
       Please remind your guests, relatives, and service personnel that it is imperative that they use the Main Gate and check-in with the guard on duty when coming into MVCC.
Soon you will be mailed a form requesting your current owner/resident/renter information on household and vehicles for the system update.  Please complete the form and return it to the Main Gate Guardhouse as soon as possible. 

COMMON GROUNDS  -  Ron Arntson

        The flowers at the main gate are looking very good and we have had positive responses from many guests.  The additions of our sprinkler system and our new lighting system have had positive impacts as you enter the main gate.  Manual watering of the north and south islands has allowed most of our plantings to survive the summer months.  The general maintenance and upkeep of the Common Grounds continues to be done by Chris Rodwell.

FACILITIES  -  Jack Ottini

        The Gatehouse has been painted and cleaned.  A new stop sign has been added in front of the gatehouse to help security identify non-residents.
        The gates have been working well with only a few breakdowns.  The Preventive Maintenance Contract we have with Guardian Security is showing its value.
        All speed bumps and stop lines have been painted.  Five street signs have been replaced and three broken 4x4 posts have been replaced.  Four burned out street lights have been repaired.
        Two sections of our fence system that were damaged have been repaired.  New signs that instruct non-residents and all commercial vehicles to use the main gate on 132nd Ave S. E. have been installed on the north and south gates.

ARCHITECTUAL COMMITTEE  -  Janet Lewis / Terry Lavery

        Your volunteer committee has been busy with typically “high-season” requests for roof, window, door, and deck replacements/installations.  We have requests for home additions/expansions/updating, and exterior painting.  The rain, along with longer days and warmer weather, has greatly enhanced the growth of weeds throughout our community, as well.  Your pro-active attention to these annoying garden challenges is appreciated.
        In preparation for fall clean up; please ask your garden service to take away clippings rather than to blow them into our streets.  The debris ends up in our storm drains and adds to the expense we all share in cleaning the storm-water system, which, like the roads, our HOA owns and maintains.

MVMA WEBSITE  -  Robert Steiner

        Hopefully you have checked out the “new” MVMA website by now.  We thank the Meridian Valley Country Club for allowing us to piggy back on their website. The username is mvma and the current password is also mvma.  The url of the MVMA website is:
        The last e-mail distribution regarding security issues had a large number of returned messages either because of incorrect e-mail addresses or you have your system set to block messages which might appear like Spam messages because the message is being sent to a large number of e-mail addresses.  I noticed this was especially true for addresses.  If you do not want to receive e-mail updates from the Maintenance Association please let me know or and you will be removed from the e-mail list.  If you do wish to continue to receive e-mail from MVMA, please make sure your computer settings allow messages from  If your e-mail address has changed in the past 6 months, please send an e-mail to one of the above e-mail addresses providing your current e-mail address.

REMEMBER:  Lock your cars, close garage doors; obey stop signs, and the speed limit!!


        MAIN GATE:  accessible 24 hours
        NORTH & SOUTH GATES:  accessible with cards 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.