Summer has arrived and Meridian Valley is looking good.  The majority of residents have their homes and yards in excellent condition.  Those few, that forgot how rewarding yard work could be, have been sent letters reminding them of the restrictions.  This is the best residential area in South King County.  Residents must do their part to keep it as attractive as possible.
        Several residents still call the golf course offices if they have a problem.  In this newsletter you will find a phone list of the Board members and Guardhouse.  Please post the list near your phone.  It will save you time.  This information is also available on the MVMA website.  Also, meeting times were changed two years ago.  The Board meets on the second Wednesday of the month and the Architectural Committee meets on the first Wednesday of the month.  Both meeting are held 7:00 p.m. in the Country Club conference room next to the Golf Shop.
        A reminder to those residents who shop at McClendon Hardware.  For many years they have given Meridian Valley residents a 5% discount on purchases.  All that is required is that you tell the clerk that you live in Meridian Valley.
I received a nice letter from Meridian Elementary thanking us for allowing them to use our roads for their Annual Fun Run.  This event is held in June and has always been fun to watch.

SECURITY  -  Dale Mjelde

        Good News – the value of your home this past year has increased 17% or better.
        Bad News – home burglaries have increased 20% here on the east hill of Kent.  They are daytime thefts.  The Kent Police Department advises us that the burglar’s knock very loudly on your front door; if no one answers they break in.  These burglars seem to be young men.  On advice from the Kent Police, if you see a young man out of place; call 911 right away.  You are not abusing the 911 system.  The Police Department wants you to call.  These young men are between the ages of 13 – 17 years.  If you see a stranger call 911.
        If you have personal  or commercial business coming to your home that is not pre authorized you must notify the Security Gate.  If the Guard cannot contact the home to check on their entrance to you home, they are instructed to turn them away.  This is for your safety and the others that live in this community. 
     BE PATIENT, the main gate entrance does take a moment before it reacts and opens when you use your card or remote.  By swiping your card or remote many times, the computer becomes overloaded with excess information, which needs to be erased by the Guard.  The remotes should be held down for about 1½ seconds for them to work properly.
     Please STOP at Stop signs and remember inside our gates the speed limit is 25 mph.

FACILITIES  -  Jack Ottini

        The gate system is working well with little down time.  As always, there are parts that wear out and must be replaced.  Please read the article in the security report about how to properly use your remote control for the gates.
        The road system, fences, and streetlights are in good shape with no problems reported or found.  The street signs and posts have been checked.  Several will be upgraded this month.


        The islands at all three gates have been re-landscaped.  A sprinkler system was installed at the main gate.  Resident response has been very positive.  The large trees along 144th Avenue S.E. have been removed.  Most of them were cottonwoods and were a potential hazard during windstorms.  All common areas have been pruned, weeded, and re-barked except outside the south gate along 256th.  We hope to have this task completed by the first of July.
        We need your help in keeping our storm drain grates clean.  This is an important issue in maintaining our storm water drainage system.  It only takes a small amount of time to clean the grates that are adjacent to your property.

ARCHITECTUAL COMMITTEE  -  Terry Lavery / Janet Lewis

        The days are indeed longer and that means extra daylight for projects around our community and our homes.
        The longer days of sunlight yield increase growth in our gardens, including weeds.  Please keep your gardens trimmed back and weeded, depositing debris in yard waste containers for recycling.  The debris that works its way into our curbs and storm drain system, is eventually pumped out, at MVMA expense.  Last year our yearly dues paid for the removal of 19 tons worth of debris from our storm drain catch basins.  Yes, we own our streets and drainage system.
        The Meridian Valley community continues to be a sought-after area by individuals seeking our lifestyle.  Compared to most new construction areas with smaller lot sizes and narrower streets, new comers to our neighborhood are bringing exciting ideas for updating & expansion.  The recent completion of a new home on the perimeter road, overlooking the golf course & clubhouse, is a lovely addition to our community.   This home, along with others in process and conceptual design stage, are representative of future ‘scrape & rebuild’ projects.
        Building materials and technology continue to expand and enhance home designs and construction.  Your Architectural Committee works hard to blend new ideas and features into our existing community.  We are busy with requests from residents desiring to make improvements and additions to their homes and property.  Reviewing 20+ submissions each month is commonplace.  Meeting the first Wednesday of each month, the committee reviews and approves paint colors, landscape renovations, remodeling (exterior), tree removal, etc.  If you have a project that you are contemplating, please submit your project prior to the start of work.


        The Treasurer and the MVMA Board have taken significant action to reduce our operating expenses and costs since the first of the year.  We have changed our banking and investment firms to eliminate over $2000/year in charges for fees and penalties.  There are no fees with our new firm.  The yield on our cash is currently 4.35% compared to 0 or 1.7% previously.  We changed our automobile insurance carrier and reduced our premium over $800/year while increasing liability coverage per driver from $1,000,000. to $2,000,000.
        Overall, we are $3100 over budget to date even with the savings and expense reductions.  We have not felt the full impact of the increase in fuel/energy costs as suppliers such PSE are just beginning to bill their new rates with fuel surcharges.  These increases will trickle/flood down to our other suppliers in short time.  We will be preparing our next year budgets in July and August to determine our income needs. 
     The following two issues consume too much of Board member’s time and are unfair and unjustified hardships inflicted on the majority of the MVMA residents.

  1. The majority MVMA residents pay their annual dues on time which is necessary to meet the Associations expenses for:

        However, this year, thirteen residents failed to pay on time.  This failure is unfair to all those members paying on time.   Therefore, the Treasurer proposes a vote of the membership present at the annual meeting to “ Increase the late payment of annual dues charge to $100.00” or 10%, which ever is greater, effective immediately.  As in past years, all gate access cards and remotes for delinquent members will be turned off on February 1, and will not be reinstated until the full amount of the annual dues plus the late charge are received by the MVMA office.  The annual dues must be received at the MVMA office by January 31.  Mailed dues received on February 1 or later will have gate access turned off until the late fee is received.  Mail early and save! 

  1. Continued and continuing Violation of Rules or Regulations by some residents regarding: misuse or abuse of common property

Therefore, the Treasurer proposes a vote of the membership present at the annual meeting to change the fine as follows:

"A member shall be subject to a fine of not to exceed $25.00 for each day the violation continues upon notification of the violation.  Notification will be by certified, signature required US mail with fines commencing three days after receipt of notification.  Failure to remedy the violation and pay outstanding fines and interest 30 days after notification and a lien will be placed on the property in addition to further action."

        Important reminder:  After the remodel of the MVCC clubhouse, the MVMA office will not be in the same building as the MVCC offices.  The main office of the Country Club will continue to accept payments made in person. 

NOTICE:  If you are interested in serving on a committee or the Board next year, please contact one of the current Board members, their phone numbers are all listed in this newsletter.

MVMA WEBSITE -  Robert Steiner

        Hopefully you have checked out the “new” MVMA website by now.  We thank the Meridian Valley Country Club for allowing us to piggy back on their website.  This made the transition to the new site easier and the cost minimal.  Although the new website still has private sections, the username and password are common and much easier to remember.  The username is mvma and the current password is also mvma.  The url of the MVMA website is:
        Maintaining a current e-mail distribution list of MVCC residents is an ongoing challenge.  I don’t know the rate that individuals change e-mail addresses, but I expect at least 5% a month.  We don’t send out many e-mail messages to residents, but it is a very convenient way to quickly communicate information about safety issues, road and gate conditions, etc.  Currently we have e-mail addresses for about 50% of the MVCC residents.  If we currently do not have an e-mail address for your residence we would appreciate receiving one.  We assure you the e-mail addresses are used only by MVMA and we will not inundate you with e-mail messages.  Our other need is for you to inform us of changes you make in your e-mail address so our list is always current.  New or updated e-mail addresses can be e-mailed to the MVMA office at or to

MVCC  -  Craig McCrone

        As you know, Meridian Valley Country Club recently broke ground on a complete renovation of the clubhouse and golf shop facility.  The upgraded facility is attracting new members and is expected to greatly enhance the country club experience.  As a continuation of our effort to make sure the club serves the needs of the membership, the Board of Trustees established a committee of golf club members and MV residents, to study the feasibility of a pool.  The committee has done an extensive study and will be having information sessions with the general membership as well as a mailing to explain their recommendation in detail.  They have developed a project, which will allow for a swimming pool complex that would be built and operated at the sole expense of those who wish to be “pool members”.  This would allow those who don’t want to participate in a pool, but think it represents a missing amenity to vote for it when it goes before the membership.  Research has proven that a swimming pool complex will greatly enhance the facility and attract a broader base of membership to support and sustain the country club.  Architectural renderings, construction schedules, and timelines are currently being considered.  A vote of proprietary golf members is expected later this summer and if approved, additional information regarding the swimming pool memberships will be sent to MVMA residents.  If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Eric Zerr at 253-630-2915 or Darren Harris 253-638-8810.


        MAIN GATE:  accessible 24 hours
        NORTH & SOUTH GATES:  accessible with cards 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.


Jack Ottini President & Facilities 253-631-2487
Dale Mjelde Vice President  & Security 253-630-2281
Mike McCarty Treasurer 253-638-8749
Terry Lavery Architectural Committee 253-631-7275
Jan Lewis Architectural Committee 253-639-1515
Ron Arntson Common Properties & Secretary 253-630-1015
Cheryl Havener Office Manager 253-630-1553
Homeowner’s Office Hours Monday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon 253-631-3131 (office)
253-631-9014 (fax)
MVMA Website
Security Guardhouse   253-631-2225