-  Jack Ottini

        This is our first Newsletter for 2006 and I hope all residents had a great Holiday season.  We lost two Board members Preston Rider and Mary Lynn Tucker whose terms expired.  Both will be missed.  New Board members are Ron Arntson and Mike McCarty.
        Please cut and save the list of Board members with their phone numbers, email address, and committee assignment.  Please put it somewhere near your phone for future reference.  Remember, calling the Country Club, Golf Shop, or the Maintenance Building will only delay reaching the Board Member you are trying to contact.
        Temple update (on 132nd Avenue S.E.)  The City of Kent held a hearing the first week of January.  The building cannot be used as a Temple because the requirements they agreed upon have not been fulfilled.  They face a $500.00 fine each time they use it.  They will be allowed to finish landscaping and other items on the building.
        The windstorm at the end of December blew down over 30 trees.  When this happens our first priority is to make the roads passable.  Some of our residents helped clear the roads with their chainsaws.  Craig Benson and his crew returned to help.  I really appreciate their help.  The last of the branches was picked up by the third week of January.

SECURITY  -  Dale Mjelde

        When the gatehouse computer crashed some of the gate card data was lost.  Due to this some of the cards may be deactivated.  The computer, software, and programming have been decided upon.  I’m sure this will take care of many of our problems with the gates.
        I don’t know if we have had more than normal amount of solicitors in the community, but you do have the right to tell them to leave, tell them that solicitation is not allowed in the Country Club unless approved by the Board.  You can ask for their City of Kent permit, they must carry and display that license on their person.  Even if they have it they must still have the Board’s permission.  You can call the Guard at the gate or the Kent police.  However, the Board of MVMA will still allow the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, or school organizations access.  The above listed groups have members whose families live inside Meridian Valley.

        Everyone needs to obey the stop signs and speed limits.

CUB SCOUT PACK 407 will be holding a food drive in our community.  Fliers will be given out Saturday March 11th and the food items will be picked up Saturday March 18th.


        Thanks to Mary Lynn Tucker for her timeless commitment to the Board.  Her concise transition instructions and expertise in financial matters will make it easy for me to take over this position. 
     The liability insurance renewal is in process, as well as the annual review for the 2004 Federal Income Tax return to be prepared by Shannon & Associates.

FACILITIES  -  Mike McCarty

        Two major projects were done in 2005.  1) The water under the road surface of 144th Avenue S.E. caused erosion.  A previous attempt to repair was not successful.  A new French drain and catch basin were installed.  2) The storm drain system was inspected by the City of Kent.  We have 306 catch basins, ninety-eight had to be cleaned and twenty-one needed repair work.  Almost 20 tons of sand and debris were removed.
        The main resident’s gate has been rebuilt, however the foundation support needs to be strengthened so it won’t break apart.  The north gate is next on the list to be rebuilt and upgraded.  The ditch on 256th has been realigned and made deeper. 
     We are busy cleaning storm debris off the streets and common grounds.  Keeping the storm drains unplugged is an on going job with all the rain..


        As a new member on the MVMA Board I look forward to addressing any concerns or issues you have relative to the subject of Common Properties.
        Due to our recent storms (wind/rain) Chris Rodwell has been busy performing the cleanup tasks relative to fallen branches and leaf accumulations. We lost many trees during the big windstorm and we appreciate the timely work that was done by Chris and also a special thank you to Craig Benson and his staff for their cleanup support. Our new landscaping efforts for the entryway islands for all three gates should get under by the end of March. We have signed an agreement with Little Joe's Tree Service to do some miscellaneous tree pruning and removal work.
     Because of the ongoing wind and rainstorms we are experiencing considerable debris build-up on the grates that cover our storm drain catch basins (306 total catch basins in Meridian Valley). We ask for your help in keeping these grates clean and free of any debris. Thank You!


ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE  -  Terry Lavery & Janet Lewis

        As we begin the New Year, the Architectural Committee would like to welcome all the new residents to our community.   Spring is just around the corner and with all the rainfall we have experienced in December and January, our yards and shrubs will be in blossom before long.  Weeds are popping up already, if you have yard service, consider contacting them early so that you’re on their schedule.  Several letters went out last year reminding people to weed and trim back trees and shrubs – get a jump start on your yard.
        The Homeowner’s Association recently had all of our storm drain catch basins cleaned and the contractor removed almost 20 tons of debris.  This is an expenditure that we are all paying for out of our annual homeowner dues.  It would be prudent for all of us to trim back our trees and shrubs from the curb, and rake up and dispose of any leaves and/or debris that falls within the general perimeter of our homes.  We would also request that homeowners and/or their landscapers refrain from blowing the yard waste onto the roads, which inevitably, this waste makes its way into our storm drains.  Your dues pay for the cleaning of the storm drains – let’s keep our maintenance costs down so that your dues don’t increase.
        We would like to commend the quality of the two ongoing construction projects currently in progress within our community.  They have abided by all of the Architectural Committee’s requests and are keeping their properties clean and free of construction debris.
        Please remember that if you are planning on doing any major landscaping, exterior painting, remodeling, roof replacement (partial or complete), or a satellite installation, you must first obtain the approval from the Architectural Committee.  All requests must be in writing and delivered to the MVCC office, or you can email the Architectural Committee Chairpersons, email addresses noted above.  All remodel or major landscaping projects must include blueprints, drawings, or a detailed sketch.  Please allow adequate time for Architectural Committee review; we meet the first Wednesday of every month.
        This year’s committee member’s are: Frank Wisdom, Jeff Korn, Mike McCarty, Randy McClaflin, Lin Payton, Marisa Connors, Trish Lavery, and Stuart MacDonald.  I’d like to thank each member in advance for his/her participation and for the hard work that is required to keep this community an appealing place to live and raise a family.

        DID YOU KNOW that in our DORs under Article VI, Section 6 (o) - Incomplete Improvements:  The member shall not permit the exterior of any improvement to be constructed on the lot or condominium unit to remain incomplete for a period longer than one year from the commencement date upon which construction of the improvement was commenced unless they have first obtained the permission in writing of the developer or association.  In essence, you have one year to complete your project once commenced.  An extension, if needed, must be obtained in writing from the Architectural Committee.  However, the Architectural Committee recommends all projects being completed within the stated year timeframe.

MVMA WEBSITE  -  Robert Steiner

        Slightly more than 30% (137) residences (425 total) in MVCC have registered as participants of the MVMA Website.  Slightly less than 60% (243) have supplied e-mail addresses and are on the e-mail distribution list. On occasion we have used the distribution list to inform of a closure, security issue, but try not to use too frequently.  One of hardest things is keeping updated and accurate as people change their e-mail addresses and do not inform us, or do not make the changes to continue as a website participant.
        Website has private (requires a password) and public sections.  The public contains: Board Member listing, Architectural Committee listing, Help Page Access Problems, and MVMA Newsletters.  The private section of the Website contains: Monthly Board Proceedings (Minutes), Board Policies, DORs & Bylaws, Forms (Architectural requests, Gate Card Request, Absence Form, and Resident Feedback).



        Hello Meridian Valley Homeowners from the Meridian Valley Country Club!  In addition to Proprietary Golf Memberships we currently have Playing Memberships, Associate Memberships, and Social Memberships at very attractive prices. Proprietary Golf Memberships are currently selling for $2,400 with half dues for the remainder of the year.  Please contact the office for Membership information 253-631-3131.
        Also, our renovation project is going to begin in earnest in early April which will mean a great deal of activity coming in and out of the main gate.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during construction.

     MAIN GATE:  accessible 24 hours
        NORTH & SOUTH GATES:  accessible with cards 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.




Jack Ottini President 253-631-2487
Dale Mjelde Vice President & Security 253-630-2281  
Mike McCarty Treasurer & Facilities 253-638-8749
Terry Lavery Architectural Committee 253-631-7275
Jan Lewis Architectural Committee 253-639-1515
Ron Arntson Common Properties & Secretary 253-630-1015
Cheryl Havener Office Manager 253-630-1553
Homeowner’s Office Hours
Monday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00
  253-631-3131 (office)
253-631-9014 (fax)
MVMA Website   http://www.meridianvalleycc/mvma
Security Guardhouse   253-631-2225