Your Board has worked hard this year to improve our community both physically and fiscally.  Physical improvements include the landscaping of the islands at the gates, and road, fence, and drain repairs.  Some expenses have been reduced in insurance, investments, and phone system.  However these reductions have been offset by increases in power, water, labor rates, and system failures.  In particular, our gate control system is out-of-date and cannot effectively manage our traffic in and out.
        Therefore, the Board asks you to approve increasing our annual dues $50, from $650 to $700/yr. to implement the following proposals: 1) to increase annual contribution to the Long Range Plan Reserves to $50,000/yr, 2) to replace our access control system cards and remotes, and 3) to add a digital video and audio recording system at our gates.  (Details of access & video system in Security report.)


        As 2006 comes to a close, I would like to thank the Board members for the time and effort they put in to keep Meridian Valley as one of the top residential areas to live in the Puget Sound area.  To Bob, Terry, Dale, Jan, Mike, and Ron I say “Thank You”.  To the residents that have served on the Architectural Committee I also want to say “Thanks” for the many hours of work keeping our community as nice as it can be.
        I sometimes wish the By-Laws had a rule that would require that one member of each household within Meridian Valley had to serve a term on the Board or on a committee.  The majority of our residents don’t know what it takes to make Meridian Valley what it has been, what it is today, and what it will be in the future.  It would be nice if more people would volunteer to make Meridian Valley even better.
        Halloween has come and gone without a single problem being reported.  It was nice to see all the parents that were out with their young children.  
        MVMA will have a temporary office for four months while MVCC remodels their clubhouse.  We will share space with MVCC in the new building that will be occupied after Christmas.  Our phone number and mailing address will be the same. 
        In our August newsletters and a special mailing in November to our members, we asked for volunteers to run for office on our Board.  The current Board members asked their neighbors and friends if they were interested.  No one as yet has come forward.  Two present Board members, whose term expires at the end of 2006, have volunteered to serve another term.  Therefore, no ballot will be sent out.  A ballot proxy form is included this newsletter, if you cannot attend, please complete the proxy and return it to our office.
        I wish every resident a Happy Holiday Season and I’ll see you at the 2007 Annual Meeting.


        See attached MVMA 2006 Annual Budget and proposed 2007 budget.

SECURITY  -  Dale Mjelde

        This year started out with “the usual” reports of excess speed and vehicles failing to execute complete stops at posted signs within the community.  With spring things elevated when a family who resided here had NUMEROUS complaints made against them; due to the aggressive demeanor of their pit bull dog, and, other safety and noise violations made by their children.  Resolution seemed to be going absolutely nowhere; when intervention came in the form of local, state, and federal governments and a “SURPRISE” drug bust!  Normal perception of this type of action would be very negative.  However, the perpetrators no longer reside in MVCC, so good things do come in strange packages.
We again returned to many safety and speed violations on our roads when we were alerted to a combination home/vehicle theft and vandalism!  Although this is a very unfortunate event to have happened, the vehicle in question has been returned and the thief was arrested.
     Remember that not only have our housing and property values increased this year in our community, BUT, so has the percentage of breaking and entering!
        Everyone at MVCC needs to abide by the protocols already established i.e.;

  1. Driving the posted speed (25mph.)

  2. Perform complete stops at posted signs.

  3. Report all appointed service and visitor vehicles coming to your residence.

        Compliance with these courtesies would help keep our community much safer.
   At this point I would like to acknowledge Officer Kim Sharrah and her crew for the excellent job they do for our community. We owe them our sincere gratitude.

        As mentioned in the introduction of this newsletter, please read the following details of access and video system that is being proposed:

1.  Replace current access control system, cards and remotes with ReadyKey Pro Access Control System and System Software.  Benefits are:

        The cost is $36,938 for this state-of-art system that will provide meaningful real-time information to our security personnel regarding gate and road activity.

2. Install a Digital Video Recorder system with 6 cameras and audio recorder at the main gatehouse to monitor and record real-time activities at all gates.  This system is integrated with the ReadyKey Pro Access Control System to verify and document access and activity at all our gates simultaneously.  Audio recording of main gatehouse conversations provide a verbal record to accompany the video record.

        The cost is $20,368 for this video/audio component to our access control system and provides a permanent visual record of significant events for the protection of our common and private property.


        Winterization of our irrigation systems for the Front Gate Islands took place on 11/2/06 and was done by Malone's Landscaping.  On 11/10/06 an on site review with Malone's Landscaping was conducted with Colleen Justo, Quality Control Supervisor. The purpose of the review was to inspect some of the plantings that Malone had done and determine a course of action relative to some of the plantings that need replacement.  Malone's has a one-year or one replacement warranty on all the plantings that were incorporated into the islands re-landscaping work.  Malone's will re-stake and rewire the cherry trees that were planted, they will replace two of the pine trees at the North Gate Islands, and will replace a significant number of the euphorbia that didn't survive.  All of this will be completed at no cost to the Homeowner's Association.

ARCHITECTUAL COMMITTEE  -  Terry Lavery / Janet Lewis
             253-631-7275      /  253-639-1515   

        Leaves, leaves, leaves – this November was the wettest on record, in addition the leaves came down in one big layer, after one storm. This combination and gusty winds caused quite a bit of flooding in and around the catch basins in our neighborhood. We extend a big thank you to those residents that have been out there day after day, cleaning up the leaves in front of their houses and in the street!  One kind gentleman was observed sweeping up the leaves that his trees dropped over on the neighbor’s yard, he also cleaned the street & gutters.  Also observed was a father and son team who cleaned up an entire cul-de-sac. 
        To repeat a previous request to ALL residents – Please keep your catch basins and gutters in front of your house clear of leaves and debris.
        This year we had a large number of residents replace their roofs. The Architectural Committee members received numerous calls about the approved roofing materials. The approved list of roofing material is listed on the MVMA web page.  This can be accessed at  This brings you into the Homeowners web page, click on Policies – you have to sign in.  The username is “mvma” and the password is “mvma”.   The Architectural Committee approved a new manufacturer’s 50 year laminated shingles. The Pabco Roofing Product “Paramount 50 Year” shingles has recently been added to the list that includes Certainteed and Gaf 50 year architectural shingles. 
        While day light savings “fell back” as of October 28th our resident walkers are still out in force.  Please be extra vigilant when driving to and from work since it is so dark, and rainy. Walkers please try to wear something light in color or preferably a reflective vest over your clothing to give the drivers a bright silhouette to see.  Fred Meyer stocks battery-operated lapel lights with various settings, which can be seen from a distance – increasing your visibility to on-coming traffic.
        Since this is the last newsletter of the year, where did 2006 go?  We would like to thank the committee members for their dedication and hard work on behalf of this community.  We had some hard decisions to make this year.  Those decisions were made with professionalism and with great care to be impartial.  Committee members were Co-Chairperson – Jan Lewis, Frank Wisdom, Randy McClaflin, Marisa Connors, Jeff Korn, Trish Lavery, Mike McCarty and Stuart McDonald.  We would like to invite anyone who would care to volunteer for next year’s committee to contact Terry by telephone or e-mail.  Your name will be passed along to next year’s Chairperson for consideration.

MVMA WEBSITE  -  Robert Steiner

        Hopefully you have checked out the “new” MVMA website by now.  Although the new website still has private sections, the username and password are common and much easier to remember.  The username is mvma and the current password is also mvma.  The url of the MVMA website is:
        Maintaining a current e-mail distribution list of MVCC residents is an ongoing challenge.  We don’t send out many e-mail messages to residents, but it is a very convenient way to quickly communicate information about safety issues, road and gate conditions, etc.  Currently we have e-mail addresses for about 50% of the MVCC residents and in some cases two e-mail addresses for the same residence.   We assure you the e-mail addresses are used only by MVMA and we will not inundate you with e-mail messages.  We do need for you to inform us of changes you make in your e-mail address so our list is always current.  New or updated e-mail addresses can be e-mailed to the MVMA office at or to
        I plan to send out an e-mail message to all e-mail addresses on our distribution list shortly after you receive this newsletter.  If you receive the e-mail and would like to remain on the distribution list you do not have to do anything.  If you would like to be removed from the e-mail distribution list, please use the reply function and ask that your e-mail address be removed.  If you do not receive the e-mail notice and would like to be added to the MVMA e-mail distribution list, please send an e-mail to and ask to have your e-mail address added to the MVMA distribution list.

FACILITIES  -  Jack Ottini

Gate System:  The preventative maintenance contract with Guardian Security has worked out very well for MVMA.  In the last three months there was only one break down that lasted more than one day.
Road System:  No problems.
Fences:  No problems
Streetlights:  Three were reported to PSE and fixed.
Storm Drains:  The steel grate on one drain broke and was replaced.

Meridian Valley Maintenance Association
Annual Budget


2006 YTD

11/ 30/06
2006 Budget

2007 Budget

Membership Dues $279,979 $276,900 $298,200 * increase annual dues $50 to $700 (7.7%)
MVCC, net $18,827 $19,020 $20,485 * increase 7.7%
Fees/Other Income $1,811 $4,148 $2,400
Interest $1,452 $6,000
Edward Jones $1,761 $15,000
ML & US Bank $5,577 $3,550 *changed to Edward Jones 6/2006

Total Income

$310,407 $303,618 $342,058
Carryover $22,865 $20,696

Total Resources

$333,272 $324,314 $342,085


Security $167,184 $191,650 $240,495 *increase payroll, new access &AV system @$57,650
Land & Maintenance $68,701 $67,070 $44,260
Utilities $12,938 $12,240 $14,000
Office Expenses $8,730 $9,300 $10,300 *new office furnishings and move
Roads, Fence & Gates $18,455 $8,400 $15,400
Legal & Accounting $4,813 $2,700 $2,700
Insurance $10,112 $10,600 $10,600


$290,933 $301,960 $337,755
LR Plan/Reserve $33,820 $32,595 $4,330

Total Expenses

$324,753 $334,555 $342,085

Long Range Plane Reserve Balance as of 10/27/06

CDs $112,991.46
Mutual Funds $92,369.00
Total $205,360.46